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Religion plays a very important role in human life. Among the many religions and currents would like to mention the youngest religion of Islam. In this religion, there is a very important book sent down by Allah, which defines the rules of life of all Muslims and numerous tips to help people. Many still do not fully understand this religion and we have decided to help you with this. Help is very simple with the help of games about Islam. As is well known gambling are prohibited in Islam, which is why they will not be in this category of games about Islam. Computer game about Islam have an important role in the life and education of children who know very little about Islam. Flash games to Islam were not created specifically for young children, and they are divided into the categories small game about Islam for boys online and games for girls about Islam. Playing games for girls about Islam Online you teach your children the right to wear the hijab clearly, beautifully decorate pictures, learn Arabic and numbers, and do it all for free. On our site are presented with a large number of games of Islam, in which you'll find your favorite genres such as puzzles about Islam, coloring books about Islam, tests on Islam as you know, different for boys rpg online game on the teaching of the Arabic language and numbers. A large number of games dedicated to the development of memory for the children and to develop their logical thinking. We should also mention the game dedicated to the introduction to Islam, with the study of the traditions and rules. How do prayer, Hajj, the proper celebration of holidays, such as Ramadan and Eid. You can say one thing that every Muslim will find here very much useful and interesting, and also get a lot of knowledge, simply by playing the whole family. Many people say that there are online games Muslim or Muslim girls games, games for girls dress up online Muslim and Muslim educational games online. But I hasten to note for you it is not. In this category there are games that are worth calling Games about Islam and about the traditions of Islam. Play games on Islam for the development of thinking with us online for free.

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