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Computer games for children have two distinguishing features - they are simple, and because they easily succeed. And they carry the developmental mission, which is extremely important for kids gamers. However, even the genre toy is not so much important, because any virtual entertainment can be simplified to remove unnecessary violence, add a bright children's schedule. For example, Action for Children - is fun in which you need to perform simple tasks, to pass only a small portion of the game world and challenge ridiculous and weak opponents. As the artifacts here are gold coins, pictures of fruit, colored balls. The villains are not attacking themselves and are easy to win, if you jump on their heads or let them small projectile. The main task in children's Adventure - is to learn to accurately control the movement of your character, to help him jump over the precipice. Thus, the child not only immersed in the virtual entertainment but also learns to interact with the computer. Kids Games Online racing genre offer to try his hand at light trails in slow motion. This can be a racing car or a sports car that is easy to manage - they do not fly off the road when cornering, other drivers behave correctly, and do not try to knock off the competition. In these races, you can ride through the city streets, passing by studying traffic rules and harmonious interaction between cars and pedestrians. Often in games with cars excessive speed and foolhardiness could even lead to the loss, because of the valuable cargo that is lost from the body. Many games for kids online are made exclusively with the aim of developing. For example, they help to remember the figures - the picture with cartoon characters hidden numerical series and the gamer must find him and consistently point out all the numbers mouse. These toys are created with the letters of the alphabet, or other objects that allows us to develop visual perception, concentration. Fairly large layer of mini games - a coloring and they are popular with many children. There is a black and white drawing, which by means of simple virtual instruments to be filled with bright colors. Such fun can be used as a stepping stone to the development of creative abilities. Online games for children also help to do logical thinking. This will help collect puzzles, find the differences in similar figures, games of the series' three in a row. " It is worth remembering that games for children are not only useful, but even harmful, if the parents do not regulate how much time the child pays the game. When the little gamer will be more aware, the need for such control will disappear. Playing games for kids, you always get the double pleasure only due to the fact that a smile at your baby will not go to the party.

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