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What is a quest? Its synonyms - an adventure game and adventure (with English Adventure) speak for themselves. Thus, the online quest - it's thrilling and exciting online adventure. This is one of the dominant genres of computer games. Adventure Adventure occupy no small dale of quest games. A distinctive feature of this trend is that these games need to be addressed various mental tasks and to their actions connect the brain, not just doing mechanical movement. More interestingly is that the story game quests can be as determined in advance, and to assume a lot of unpredictable outcomes that depend on the actions of the player. Exciting quest games online for free, we offer for your choice on our website. Each game is unique and different, and you can try different options until you find your favorite game. Specificity and types of games quests are very diverse and versatile. Even if you are an experienced player, you are sure to find yourself not passed quest novelty. More specifically, the quest games in Russian - it's a game of logic and reasoning, which is necessary to solve the problem and proposed a puzzle or find a way out of the rooms. When you want to calm intelligent entertainment when playing online quests - this is what you need. Beautiful and extensive online flash game quests - a separate world with its unique and original atmosphere. It is the atmosphere and causes the player to immerse your head in the game universe with its own characteristics, whether abandoned scientific research laboratory, a ghost town with inviting riddles or mysterious house full of suspense. The storylines are always fascinating and mysterious logic puzzles and mysterious, and just wanted to again and again to solve them. Games online quests luring and being dragged into this world without letting your attention for a minute, until it is passed a certain stage. Most of the new games quests are well thought-out plot, open up a variety of interesting locations, offer a fascinating mysteries and puzzles, and can also boast excellent graphics and pleasant music. These games are suitable for adults and children, because they carry the cognitive and developmental grain. The most famous and popular quests for the time of their existence - is Fahrenheit, Submachine, Penumbra, Amnesia, Exmortis, Icescape, Miestas and others.

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