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Games online 4 elements - is logic games, which combine several genres. These magical games have different versions, all of which boil down to the story, which is very nice, a bit confusing and terribly interesting. In short, the story says that the four known elements freed from the control of the sorcerers, and began destroying everything around. All the adversity of nature destroy the magical world, until you get a character that will return strength and power of the magical books of rebellious elements. And, if we describe more generally, you get a very interesting history and beautiful legend. It says that somewhere far away, with the high mountains and vast oceans is a fairyland, which is similar to a paradise, and where people do not know the troubles and sorrows. It seems that there is neither the time nor the alarms. But one day the sky exploded thunderstorms, and blew a terrible storm, which turned the house in ruins. The forces of darkness and destroyed all four elements of the altar, and thereby transformed nature into a terrible monster and rebellious. In just a short time filled with life oasis turned into lifeless desert, where there is no room for anything alive. But, fortunately, survived one castle, which withstood the onslaught of misery on top of the mountain. A wise magician, remaining there, alive, and opened up the door and asked to enter. That he will tell you about the important mission that falls to you now in this exciting game. Four destroyed the altar of the elements will help you to restore the ancient magical book. You have to know the magic of water, fire, earth and air. On the playing field is necessary to highlight the lines of the magic chips and calculate the path of natural energy. When can hold moisture to the altar, part of former strength will return fairyland. But before you begin to study each of the four books of magic, you need to find the key from her, who is hiding, according to an ancient legend, somewhere near the altar. Next, you will find all of the items from the list, open all the caches and eliminate clutter in the sanctuary. Tips forest fairies always help to overcome difficulties, if it would be difficult to find something. Her help is always available and it is always ready to meet the brave hero. This is a sweet and wise forest fairy will help throughout the game, and master all the subtleties of the game and the numerous rules. This magical game strikes by its mystery and amazing, breathtaking graphics. Perfect musical accompaniment underscores the spirit of this magical game, and fun gameplay keeps the attention of players throughout the game.

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Online Games 4 items for free

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