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In our advanced time, full of modern computer technology, no one remains indifferent to anything new in the virtual world, and innovations in the world of online gaming. Children's audience is not the exception, in fact, know the world, they are interested in everything, and even more new technologies and virtual space. Taking into account the child's interest, the developers of online computer games are creating more gaming products for even the youngest kids who thus carry in addition to entertaining features to train and develop target. There is a category of games called games for 7 years for girls, each of which is such a gaming product. These games include exercises for the formation of logical thinking, the development of memory, imagination, attention and creativity. All this is done so that instruction in the form of games in no way pushes child and vice versa - and carries interest the. Such games are very colorful, dynamic and atmospheric music. Thus, children can master difficult for many math, adding, subtracting and differences between the concepts of "less" and "more." Distinguish between shapes, colors and sizes help you interesting puzzles and logic to develop hearing and give the opportunity to play mazes, "find things", music games, and others. There are lots of games that you can learn the geography and biology. It is a game in which you need to properly distribute the animals on the relevant corners of the Earth, where they live. Separate layer are linguistic games to studying foreign languages ​​and grammar. Using the well-known and beloved characters in this business attracts children to the game and encourages them to learn fun and interesting way. In addition to this category of games is racing, arcades and games of other genres that contribute to develop agility, reaction speed and determination, qualities that are important for the modern young generation. One caveat that the kids can not spend much time at the computer, fully accounted for in the games for children 7 years old, and the passage of any of these games does not exceed the permissible limits, that is, does not last very long. So the myth that computer games for kids - it's evil, completely shattered. Moreover, when used judiciously, and the right approach, they will be a good helper to understand the world and will help your child learn new things, to learn complex science fun and interesting, and also - importantly - will facilitate the proper development of the computer.

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