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Among young gamers the most popular genre - it's game action. The most recent and new, these games have fantastic graphics and do not require much time for their passage. Best games of recent years, previously released, and cult action games are waiting for you on our website in the section. The demand for such games is increasing every year with great speed. In general, an action packed game - a genre of games, a game in which success depends entirely on the player's ability to quickly and effectively make important tactical and strategic decisions, as well as its speed and responsiveness. These games are very dynamic and riveting attention to what is happening in their actions. Progress in these games, you can use any weapon. Most often, the designation «action» is used to complement, as in itself it is quite broad and can characterize most of the games that have ever been issued. Thus, by the action games include shooting games, fighting games, platformers, sometimes quests and other genres of games that involve constant movement and action. Also common games such as action-adventure - adventure game with elements of fighting and battles. Initially after action - it's a genre of American movies militants and only later it spread to the computer arcade games such plan. But it is also worth noting that most of the first computer games were created in this genre. Obvious examples are the games Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Paperboy, Robotron: 2084 and the cult game Doom. All these games and set the tone and created the principles of modern gaming action, fighting games and shooters. At the moment, created a lot of games in the style of action, in which spin at a variety of subjects, and is used unimaginable schedule. We can safely say that now the game in the genre of action, particularly shooters and fighting games are the games industry leaders and the most popular gaming product in the male population of the planet. In such games, it is often necessary to destroy enemies, using any weapons, military equipment and martial arts, while using all his skill and leadership qualities. Opponents in different games are the different subjects, from the same men as the main character, just as evil and evil enemies to super space invaders and strange creatures to mankind. As you can see, the options are action games that can be active and dynamic leisure time, a huge amount. You only need to choose the one that is fun for you, and enjoy your favorite entertainment

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