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Computer games are meant for our entertainment, recreation and development. As the technology is also evolving gaming products, opening up new horizons and opportunities. "Primitive" games with flat graphics, poor color palette and sound track, alternate-dimensional images, bright colors and multifaceted musical setting. Locations change each other smoothly and naturally, creating the effect of realism. With such diversity, it would seem, the old must sink into the story and give way to advanced technologies. But no, along with the latest stubbornly persist old toys. This phenomenon is easily explained by their popularity, which competes with the new-fangled genres. There is no point denying of good ideas, even if they are members of the gaming pioneers computerization. We still continue to enjoy online play 98 lines, improving and perfecting the logic of thinking. This toy is quite simple - a grid on a gray background with colored balls inside. And the management is not convoluted. You only need to build the same color balls in a line of five pieces to make them disappear. But the simplicity of the game is only an appearance, because after a few moves, it is clear that, before making a new move, you should think about its consequences. Balls appear randomly on the field, blocking access to travel. The only tool in the game can be considered a function that enables to go back one step backward, if the selected action does not suit you. When the field is completely filled with balls, the game stops. And at any point, you can reset all the moves made by the lines and start playing again. This toy is available to her fans not only to play on the computer, but also as a mobile version. Spend quality time with your favorite pastime while in queue or during long journeys - is to spend time. During the game, as we know, time flies. Line can play online and in other versions, where the main task - forming one-color balls in a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The beads can be on the field at rest or move like the game Zuma. All variants are classified as logical, educational games. Game balls line in the classic version of interest, both male and female audience of all age niches. But worrying about individual taste preferences and in order to make fun of diverse developers are coming up with new story lines, filling the game by events and adventures. Creating lines on a colorful background scenery, it seems that the player off on a long journey that promises an incredible event. This can be a treasure hunt, the hunt for knowledge of ancient civilizations, fantastic events in the country of magicians and sorcerers. The player touches the mythological tales, which revived unicorns, fairies, gnomes, elves. Playing ball games in the line, children are more familiar with cartoon characters, children's TV series, comic books. Older gamers, choosing subjects intricate must overcome major challenges to achieving the ultimate goal. Many of the games created with the levels tayaschimi a new job and obstacles to overcome. Are not uncommon in these games and mazes, which become more tricky and obstacle while moving. But the complexity builds character and makes victory sweeter. Those who are not afraid to experiment, lead the rest.

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