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You got tired of fines for speeding, but without the roar under the hood of your life is boring and monotonous? You value your life and health, but the speed on the speedometer, less than one hundred and twenty miles per hour, does not allow you to open your wings, then need for speed online play - this offer is for you. Here there are no speed limits and dangers of injury or death in a car crash. Therefore, your need for speed will be satisfied in full. In your hands is a wholly-owned facility for surge of adrenaline, while its availability depends only on the availability of computers and the Internet at your fingertips. You can choose for yourself the car, which will be the best way for you to meet the need for speed. This section contains almost all the available flash applications, one way or another connected with overcoming the distance for a minimum period of time, that is, with the races. Starting from racing boats to professional Formula One tracks. In any of the applications you selected you will be playing the role of a pilot in excess of the speed of the vehicle, and your head and the only aim and purpose of all the competitors will advance to the maximum possible speed. On our site we have selected for you the most interesting games dedicated racing, so you will not be difficult to find exactly the one that like. The most important thing for any driver not to succumb to folly and control all the forces acting on the car for the most effective flow bends and turns. You have to remember that the winner is not always the fastest, and at each turn, have their first name and patronymic - the speed, the angle of entry and the road surface. These are the three components that determine who will pour champagne at the finish, and drink it out of the championship cup. As always, the race management as simple - use the up - gas, down - brake left and right - respectively the helm. Push the pedal to the metal and race the super car to its maximum speed, not forgetting to brake before sharp turns. If you get tired of one game - it does not matter, because in this genre, there is a huge variety of games that can satisfy your need for speed. And do not forget that in real life driving mistake can cost not only broken the iron horse, but of life, so to make a clear distinction between a computer game and riding on the pavement in your city and always wear your seat belt.

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