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To beat the competition, the consumer must offer something special - something that they have not yet. Among computer games full brodilok, shooters, quests, platformer, coloring, puzzles, arcade games and action games. Many genres are intertwined and create a symbiosis that is only going to benefit them. In each direction, the gameplay come up with ideas that echo each other, but are developing their course. Some games can be called ephemeral, others become cult audience and cover the different classes, genders and ages. They come back repeatedly and try to keep on digital media to always have access to toys. It is so popular games and Worms - a fun turn-based strategy of the small but militant worms. Their first part appeared in 1994, and released her studio Team 17. Despite the fact that the game looks like a cartoon, it was an adult audience took it with great enthusiasm. In support of this it is necessary to say that in Worms hold the Olympics and tournaments among fans. The game captivated gamers with its magnificent humor, eccentricity, charisma, quality graphics, original story and appropriate sound effects. Worms can be played online either from your computer or mobile phone. You can download it to your hard drive or play online, play alone or in conjunction with one another. This product contains all the popular features and considered requirement. Versions for different platforms make it versatile and can play at any time and in any place. As you know, the main actions of the characters in this toy are the worms. They are all color and you can choose yourself of who you want to manage. These creatures are divided by six armies, and have weapons, which would envy any existing army. Apart from that you are familiar firearms, ranging from small handguns and ending with nuclear warheads in their arsenal include blowtorches, banana bomb, dragon ball and other clever toys. With this weapon brave worms fight each other, and it operates as a very real war. Having started playing Worms, remember that victory must be won and, unlike worms, they are killed by the edge of the shovel. If the standard of living is falling, it is possible to increase the medicine cabinet, and will be able to replenish ammunition, collecting boxes and individual tools. As in any game before you will assign tasks that should be done to overcome the current level and move on to the next. If the individual battles seemed most interesting, you can always scroll through the record to admire again. Worms games have proved so popular that gave rise to the release sequels. They can safely be called one of the most renowned game products that captured the hearts of millions of players around the world, young and old. Children and adults are now equal with equal enthusiasm run small, unusual soldiers, leading them to victory and putting its own records. They bored spending time at home, but they help especially when traveling, in lines, in urban transport. And you can get away from the monotony of work and rest, playing Worms. A few minutes with these enthusiasts frolic invertebrates raise the spirits and morale, charging and encouraging people to take decisive action. If you've never played Worms, it will discover new opportunities and horizons of the virtual world, where the fun is just beginning.

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