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Game, in which there is magic, awaken the imagination and attract gamers with their uniqueness and capabilities. Avatar The Last Airbender game continues the theme of the American TV series of the same name, where the main character - Aang. It is part of the people The air that is centuries confrontation with the people of the Fire and Ozaem - his master. It's kind of a demonstration of how good fights evil. Each side has its supporters and how each will abide by the rules determine the outcome of the main mission. Aang has loyal friends who help him in the fight and teach new knowledge, skills and abilities. To increase your chances of winning, he learns to control other elements, in addition to native. Avatar universe - a world where magicians are trained to manage water, air, fire and earth. These four elements are subject to spells and are for the benefit of man, if not to use their power to harm or recklessly. Harmony in all - this is the principle on which to live. But not all the properties of the world. Nature rebels and the greedy, greedy leaders pushing them to war. Avatar the game - this is the story of eternal values, magic and combat, where Aang as fate has become a key figure. Once his people defeated in war, but to be able to return to its former greatness and glory, but most importantly - a balance in the world, our hero entered himself into the arms of the glacier with his buffalo to a hundred years to come back and continue the fight. He appeared to not more than twelve years, but the time spent in the permafrost, making it older than a century. Now that his voluntary captivity ended, together with friends, he stands on the war path against Ozaya. His fight - is not only physical violence, but also philosophy, morality, an attempt to understand the point. In the course of events, Aang is meditating and turns to his previous incarnations, and during deep concentration, transitions to the Avatar. As a new player to the game Avatar, you will learn how to balance the natural forces of the elements, you shall know the principles of right and plunge into the magic. Next to you are your true friends, c which have nothing to fear, and they will multiply your strength and any enemy does not resist such a team. You get to know Toph, which sees not with the eyes, and reads vibration of objects and living things. She feels the vibrations and recognize their nature, its elements - earth, and it manages the metals. Taking on the role of the teacher, she successfully passes its ability to Aang, who, however, proved to be quite the smartest student. Another faithful friend - Sokka. Its elements - water, and he was a tireless warrior who is constantly busy with training, honing combat skills. But that does not stop him from being merry and be kind. His own sister Katara and Aang indifferent to the feelings are mutual. When the lovers are captured by the ruler of the fire, but their coherence and understanding of each other's glance and c polyvzglyada, helped them get out of a difficult situation. Another interesting character - Zuko. He is the son of Fire Lord, who dreams to defeat Aang, but eventually changed svoyu point of view and became an ally of the former enemy. Game Avatar The Legend of Aang - a set of battles with the use of close combat, sword or with magic. You also have to control the ship to defeat the sea serpent and Zuko help fulfill its mission. Having started playing the Avatar, you'll turn into one of the great wizards can control the elements, armies and destroy the bastions of the enemy, solve puzzles, and a lot of jobs. Little zeal, and you become a full citizen Avatar.

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