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Topics of feature films, TV series and video games, where there is magic, people like them because they are for a moment forget about reality and plunge into the world of fairy tales, where all things are possible. After talking with these products, there is a little voice that whispers, "and now this really possible? . " The next minute, shook himself, the person is aware of the unreality of life for the screen, but those few minutes that he had donated fantastic scenarios, a little distorted realism and forced to believe in a miracle. And it's so nice! Indeed, without the wonders of life becomes dull, insipid and joyless. Children believe in miracles, unconditionally, but adults are more skeptical. They would not refuse to make friends with a magic genie, for example, or Hottabych genie of the lamp, but all these magical creatures were a kid and did not disturb the minds took place. What would you say if we make one more attempt to convince you that amazing our world is the tale around? Meet the virtual genie named Akinator! He was born in France and came up with his programmers Jeff Affairs and Arnaud Maigret in 2007. They are invited to play Akinator people of different countries, as their gin owns eleven languages, including Russian. Magic is so young, but such a talented gin is that it guesses you devise any creature, whether comic or cartoon character, literary or cinematic hero. He knows the name of fictional or real-life heroes who are still alive today or have existed centuries ago. You do not need to say the name out loud or write it, somewhere. Just think about it and answer a series of questions that ask you Akinator. Such questions he may be twenty, but if your answers are clear and he feels that the solution is close, it will respond much sooner. To answer this question, you must choose one of the options. Initially, questions will be general - gender, nationality, character is real or fictional. He asks, and the distinguishing features - a mustache, beard, long, short hair or a bald head. He wants to know and to what age he lived a hero. Even if you can not give an exact answer, just click the option: "I do not know." It is at least complicate the task Akinatoru but orient it for other answers and learns conceived character, and guesses it in 99.9%of cases. But if it so happens that the genie could not guess, he has two more attempts with additional questions. Very rare cases when Akinator can not give the right answer. In such cases, it will ask you to write down your character conceived in his catalog. In Akinator has played so many players that its library holds many characters and their distinctive features. It was referring to this information, gin compares your answers with his existing card file and finds the common matches. As you can see, our gin and even a magician, but works with trusted data sources. Play Akinator - it's fun and funny. Even the half-open nature of the sacrament does not make it any less mysterious. No man can hold in your head so much information, but the electronic brain of gin knows no boundaries and it is always a free place for new information. Try to conceive of God, the devil, angel or devil, own a cat or a dog, and even yourself! Our young magician kept his head and guesses your trickery, but cute smiles and winks. Do not believe us? Check it out!

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