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In the plots of adventure heroes always hunt for treasure, having spiritual and material value. For some, the priority of a thirst for knowledge of lost truths, but for someone with precious metals and stones are of paramount importance. But the treasures of lost civilizations are attractive and its historical significance, but because hunting them is both legally and illegally. Historians are constantly finding evidence perished lands and peoples, who were able to make it clear in the course of our development, and complete missing information. Modern science still can not answer many questions, because legends are born, filling gaps stories fantastic events and extinct peoples endowed with incredible secret knowledge and wealth. We all know the myth of Atlantis. But the myth is that really the case? Once the geography of our land was different from the one we used to study. As a result of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and massive floods, the crust has shifted as a result of corrosion of her back into the water, but the other part has risen above it. According to legend, Atlantis suffered an unenviable fate and she was buried under the water, together with all its wealth. It is still looking for but can not find a trace. According to assumptions, she died 9000 years ago, and mentioned it in his writings the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. When scientists can not give a clear answer, they do not want to admit his weakness and claim that this is the invention of dreamers. But precisely because of idealists committed the most incredible discovery. The spirit of adventure seekers may be higher and more useful than the millions of minds, imprisoned in the walls of the classroom. Secrets and mysteries always attracted to his troubled minds, the ability to think outside the box. And who knows, perhaps one day they will be able to prove their case and make a sensation by revealing the secrets of the world of Atlantis. And while we can imagine and be content with stories of cinematography and the virtual world, going on a treasure hunt with the brave, resolute heroes adventure stories. We offer diamond Atlantis playing online, where treasures await your radical actions. This game is like "three-in-pyad", where you have to build a chain of precious stones so that the same are in line. When this happens, they will disappear c playing field and turn into your game points, a place on their brand new. The game takes place against the backdrop of beautiful seascapes, where the pieces of sunken ships and destroyed buildings have long been a part of the underwater world. They were covered with coral and overgrown with algae and shellfish have chosen them for himself as houses and shelters. Amid all the splendor of the wildlife of the underwater kingdom, untold riches await Atlantis, but if you find a particular diamond, it will fulfill all your dreams and endowed with magical powers. Some gems lend themselves to collecting good, but others are rooted in the ground and corals, making them prey difficult task. You're a diamond Atlantis teen and retrieve valuables from difficult places. To free them from the bondage of the secular growths or completely hand-made chains have to use auxiliary tools - axes, hammers, and sometimes dynamite. And do not forget that the game is for the time in which you need to have time to play the level, collect your points and move to a new job. Each time before you will open new scenery that rivals the beauty of the previous one, but the job will become more difficult.

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online games Diamond Atlantis free

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