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Talking about the culture and traditions of the East, we have a certain number of associative. In memory float ninja, samurai, dragons and colorful festivals with their participation, martial arts, idols, bright fabrics, geisha, kimono, traditional medicine, tea ceremony, sushi, anime. All this is revealed to us gradually, as the people of Japan are not particularly eager to advertise their traditions and especially did not want anything to learn from the countries of Europe and the West. They have long been "cooked in its own juice" and jealously kept their secrets. It is only relatively recently that they opened the world its own cultural heritage and learned from him a lot of useful things, though pereinachiv them for yourself. We still can not boast that they know all about the East - "East - a delicate matter", and is available to use only the fact that we graciously provide. And that is unusual and very different from the everyday and familiar, causes excitement and genuine interest. Among children, adolescents, and young people are especially popular anime - comic books, animated films and computer games. Who does not know Sailor Moon, Naruto, Bakugan and Miu? These and other anime characters have in common - big eyes, with a special luster. At the beginning of development of this area, this feature borrowed from the West, which proves the East follow the ideas of other people from redoing them under their standards. The official parent anime and manga is considered to be Osama Tenzuka. At the beginning of the last century, he studied the development of Disney animation, and he liked the idea of ​​a disproportionately large eyes of the characters, who conveyed emotions particularly bright. Taking advantage of this finding for their own creations, Tenzuka created a new trend, which is now known worldwide as anime. Today, anime is known far beyond its historical za rodiny and won the hearts of millions. First, to him addicted children and adolescents, but eventually adults, too, have opened them for themselves a certain charm. Next appeared related products depicting famous characters - shirts, hats, backpacks, shoes, and others. Developing, anime has to offer plots of film and computer products for boys and girls, and now anime games for girls available for all lovers of this trend. With the heroines of these wonderful stories can go on a date, a walk, a disco, a journey. They can dress in costumes, traditional Eastern culture and created for them by artists anime. An integral feature of this style is the magic, and therefore often have to fight with the enemies with magic powers and spells. Playing games anime, you are able to change the appearance of the characters, choosing hair, eye color, makeup. Together with them, you will learn how to transform a room, placing objects of interior space to become more comfortable, but it has not lost its functionality. Anime games online - this communion with animals, which also looks at you with her big, bright eyes. They can dress up in beautiful some clothes and hairstyles and make walking a. You can still play the game for girls anime Tamagotchi, where the main task - taking care of cute zverushka. These games are made by all the rules of this Tamagotchi with the only difference being that you do not have to buy them and you can always start over, reboot the game. Very attractive look anime online coloring games and puzzles. This is a logical and creative toys that combine with your favorite anime genre.

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