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In everyday life we ​​seldom truly amazing things. Science can explain almost everything, leaving no room amazement. Perhaps that is why we like movies where the predominant magic and witchcraft, where everything is permeated with mystery and there is always the opportunity to do something incredible. Fairy Tale - a manifestation of magic, but now created even more exciting destinations that can give the viewer a completely new emotions. These are fantasy, anime and manga. In each case has its own nuances that form the army of fans. Today's young people especially like oriental design, which gave Europeans and Westerners something fresh and special. In the early twentieth century a genre of anime, and his parents say the Japanese manga artist and animator Osamu Tenzuka. While in search of an untested direction that would surprise the sophisticated audience, Osama studied with interest the imagination of Disney Studios, which was in its cartoon characters to draw big eyes with a certain gleam in them that helped perfect transmission of a number of emotions. Tenzuko liked the technology, and he took the idea, but gave their own images of national character and style. Thus, there was a famous Japanese animation, which won the hearts of not only fellow animator, but also far beyond his homeland. Over time, the genre has spread and evolved into computer versions of the anime. The characters and the stories became more and more, and they certainly present magic, martial arts and other manifestations of the traditions of the East. In this section we want to introduce you to a number of games, which formed the basis anime series "Bakugan", created in 2007 and orchestrated by Mitsuo Hashimoto. You will find yourself in the universe of Westray, which is populated by monsters, emerged from balls and endowed with certain magical powers. Dan Kuzo with friends invented a game Bakugan, which is based on the card. Like any game, this too has its own rules and it can be called a living. Each card reveals a monster determines its natural elements and talks about the possibilities of this monster. Bakugan games are impressive brightness graphics, dynamic development of the plot, and introduces us to a different culture, the traditional land of the rising sun. In these games, you will see the classics of the genre - the struggle between good and evil. And if Dan here playing a positive figure, his opponent - Mask refers to the opposite camp. As with any anti-hero, he is trying to destroy the plans of good and recruit like-minded people to his side. He soon begins to be quite palpable danger that it can be ignored. Confrontation and Dan Mask is the medium of the game Bakugan, and then get ready to learn its rules. Playing games online Bakugan, you expect sparring and martial arts, as well as unusual types of competitions, such as playing soccer or basketball, archery, competing in the boxing ring. But as the children in front of you, they can just throw candy, and the loser will be the one who has run out of candy before. How to play Bakugan, you'll know of the tips that are present in each version. And also be able to play for free Bakugan games, painting and adding image puzzles, mazes passing, playing dress up and other areas that are sure to interest you.

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