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Childhood - a fun, fantasy, finding a new one. This period of life is full of emotion, searching for something unusual, the accumulation of knowledge and skills, all sorts of games. But particular, an important place at this time occupied by the school. In it the children learn about the world of books and learning to be part of a team. And where there is collective, there is sure to be fun and entertainment. And if in the yard you can meet friends and run around, playing active games, the walls of the school should be quiet, respecting the laws of Athens - the Greek goddess of knowledge, wisdom, arts and crafts. I must admit that the learning process can be quite tedious, especially if the teacher is not able to present the information interesting. And the disciples on such lessons are not averse to distract and quietly play your favorite games even their parents and even grandparents - tic-tac-toe, battleships, and tanchiki words (gallows) or equivalent - "noodle." So fun at recess and during lessons, many previous generations, and now it was the turn of the new. The beauty of this process is that it can be accessed any point and continue later. For such games do not have to search for a specific place and to have a special inventory. Need a simple piece of paper, a pen or pencil that is always available for each student. But today even that is not the point! In the modern world there is a digital media for the home or office, as well as pocket - computers, tablets and mobile phones, which have long moved all the games from any direction. Today, everyone got a chance to speak to an interesting toy at any time, and we offer a bulldozer to play online. Now the logical, intellectual and other games have become more affordable. You can not be afraid that will break a pencil, stop writing pen, tear paper. Even companions to the game now much easier to find, because the process can go on the Internet. Just put the game on their social page and invite the public to join, how do you ensure yourself an entertaining leisure. Rules of the game are very simple noodle. We must think of any noun and draw a square around the cells, so that each letter of the word was placed in a single cell. If for a basis, the word "noodle", in which five characters, it will square 5 per 5 cells in width and height that is only 25 cells, the word should be inserted in between. On the basis of existing words to be constructed from the words, assigning a single letter in a cell-free so that it was in relation to existing words at a right angle from the top or from the bottom. For example, from the original word "noodle", you can make a new - "tank", placing "a" above or below the letter "a." New words should also be involved in the modulation of the next word, and it lasts for as long as there are empty cells. Under the rules, the "e" and "f" - interchangeable words must be in the nominative case and the singular. Exceptions are words that can be used only in the plural, but must remain in the nominative case. Online game goosey play also puts a condition to use only literary expression and no jargon or obscene language. Play online blockhead useful. The game expands vocabulary, and if you meet an unknown word or want to impress their peers knowledge, you can look into the dictionary and learn from it useful information. We invite you to play online for free noodle and increase their erudition that have a positive impact on school grades.

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