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Who is the real man? This question is given at least once in everyone's life. And, of course, is for each concept will be treated differently. Someone thinks the criterion of this man the ability to play hockey, someone - bravery and courage, and for someone to do a real man to be a man in charge of his every word. But, of course, one thing - no matter what the enemy - before each fight is necessarily present, though small, but the experience ... This box does not forgive cowardice, it won only one who wants to win more. Strength does not decide the outcome of the fight - your mind and the ability to calculate the forces, the reaction rate and most importantly - a cool head - these are the factors that solve everything in the frame of the ropes. And although today gaining increasing popularity of women's boxing, few would argue that boxing - is truly man sport, and those who are willing to meet in person their own fears in the ring - and there are the real men. In the real world to serious sparring you'll pass a long and painful training, while the coach decides that you are really ready for a fight. Of course, you can learn how to hit hard, but often, especially in professional boxing, everything is decided during the counterattacking strike. Therefore, well-supplied protection and response speed in boxing champions can make people with a variety of athletic data. Punch can not indefinitely, so the first thing to fight for - is staging protection. After all, the real boxing is not only painful sport, but also a very dangerous not only for the physical condition of the athlete, but also for his mental faculties, as each missed kick in the head - it is a micro concussion. In order to protect yourself from injury and brain damage, and thus about to experience what the professional ring, available for you to play boxing. Playing in online boxing game for real men, you will see that this fight one on one and feel the danger and the sweet taste of victory! Remember that the ring is not forgiving the one who puts his hands on the half way very soon will be on the floor of the ring and the referee will hear from the lead to ten. And the one who goes to his goal, and rises after any fall will be the champion, expecting a more worthy challenger who will not relax even for a moment! Use a combination of punches, hooks, uppercuts, crosses, jabs, slope, counter and a victory in boxing games online in your hands. The main thing is not to lose self-control and to stand up to the last!

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