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Clothes - it's like our second skin that protects us and decorate. But unlike the native cover, we can change this to a new and modern. Following the fashion, we always appears in an updated form. With the clothing available to us to emphasize their strengths and hide weaknesses, strengthen eye and hair color, skin tone, body bends. Outfit can become a weapon with which to win the hearts of the opposite sex. And in order to master this art, enough to appeal to fashion catalogs, which shows not only photos of new products, but also provides advice on the selection of clothes for each person. From childhood, parents instill a taste for finery to their children. Moreover, in this initial stage is unconsciously. Kid watching my mom picks out different things personal wardrobe and accessories, combining them together in different variations. Girls are particularly vulnerable to this effect and will soon begin to put into practice the skills learned from her mother, who have multiplied children's TV shows and magazines. Now they want to take part in the purchase of new clothes for himself and put on fancy experimenting, playing with her dolls. For them, sewed new clothes, refashioned, improves old and expressed an active desire to buy a new wardrobe. They change her hairstyle and even apply makeup. Unsuccessful attempts to modify the appearance dolls difficult to recover, returning hair, sweet face, and clothes original form. A purchase of a new doll or costumes for them costs money, and considerable. The only way out of a difficult situation - games for girls Bratz dress. In them there is great potential for the experiments, which is conducive to children's imagination, developing it. In these games, The kids will not only beautiful dresses, but also be able to create an original image for the celebration themed holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year's, St. Patrick's Day. In everyone's life there are always important events, the presence of which provides a certain style of clothing - the school matinee, graduation party, corporate party, travel, birthday, date and so on. For each case correspond to different forms of clothing, dress up games and Bratz help to understand the intricacies of reincarnation. Do it with your favorite dolls is even more interesting because the doll - it's the best friend, unable to betray, deceive and hurt. With it, you can share any secrets without fear that it accidentally or deliberately spill the beans. She's always a good mood regardless of the changes of the external world and the situation around. Communicating with the doll, the girl rehearsing a real relationship with real friends and in dialogue with a silent doll, young ladies themselves instigate artificial controversy and self-compromise. Bratz dress up games are popular among budding fashionistas. These babes with plump lips remind the girls themselves. They are just young, beautiful, provocative, always ready for a new, unknown, adventurous. They do not fear the unknown, and boldly, decisively experimenting. It is the ability to dress nicely and appropriate guarantee self-confidence, creativity, communication skills. In some cases, wearing one of the Bratz dolls, will have to look for the right things in the room, pushing the drawers, making inspection shelves cabinets, looking for the back seats or chairs. Do not forget about jewelry that will complement the outfit. And when you are ready to enter into the light, towards saving the world for its beauty!

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