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Browser games online strategy - is the most popular and common genre to date. In these games a lot of advantages, but there is no need to download them to the hard drive of your PC - it is perhaps his main contribution. Browser games are divided into multiplayer, massively multiplayer and single player. The most simple - single-user version. They are managed by one person and is the game for a short time. Difficulties with the control or understanding of its problems do not arise and these products are available even to children. Browser-based multiplayer games repeat tabletop games: checkers, chess, card games, backgammon, Battleship, and others. The enemy in this case is either a real player or AI. You can pass the game in stages, keeping the current result, and then coming back to it at any time. While rivals can not be present in both online and make your move as much as possible. But the strategy browser games online massively multiplayer character in an army recruit more fans. These toys, players are invited to live in a virtual world that is populated by many characters controlled by other players. When choosing your character, you work through it in detail, giving already at the initial stage the main characteristics. Sending it to the game, you start to interact with the environment and other characters, adhering to the basic scenario. In these games the first minutes of fascinating bright colors, detailed volumetric graphics, ample opportunities for development. All this is accompanied by appropriate sound effects and music corresponding to the case. One of the common key points of these games is to have the opportunity to develop the economy and create history. One can endlessly construct and develop the city, individual objects or participate in military operations. Events are moving slowly, building up momentum and giving the opportunity to adapt to the new situation. In any case important profit growth, allowing arming his soldiers, improve equipment or develop the enterprise, creating a monopoly. Playing in online strategy browser game, you'll be mine minerals, sell excess to other States and to buy from them, missing you. Recruit new soldiers, train them, build fortifications, erect fortresses, accumulate capital, to negotiate, to avoid conflicts or respond to them by force. You will be able to absorb other people's business, but that this does not happen to you, you need to fortify their positions. If success comes to you, soon you will become Chief of the troops, fleets or proclaim himself emperor. In the game "Space battles" combine economic and military strategy. You are given for the development of new planets, check them, built cities, mining, scientific experiments, construction of the space base and conducting battles. It tends to occur in 2240, and the theme resonates with the idea of ​​space wars. But in the strategy of "Gladiator", you will plunge into the history of ancient Rome and built a school of gladiators. Buy slaves, hire volunteers and train them before the real battle in the arena. Each time, the skill level of the soldiers will be increased. And after successfully passing the test of intrigues and plots, you get to the top of the political ranks and gain new opportunities.

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