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Growing out of childhood, not everyone is ready to accept the reality, devoid of charm magic reincarnation, secrets, phantasmagoria and magical creatures. I want to as long as possible to keep myself near those wonderful images that live only in fairy tales. Let faith in them irretrievably lost, then stay close to them near a little more and a little touch mirage nobody forbids. Our wild imagination does not turn off the touch of a lever invisible! And not necessary. The Warcraft universe has become a window into the world of illusions, dragons, fairies, orcs, mages. It revived trees and incredible things happen. In this land of easy to surrender to feelings, oblivious to the reality of the time with its problems and concerns. For people looking for new experiences, play Warcraft online was a real godsend. Numerous users have become permanent residents of the new created world and made it so popular that it prompted the production of related products with logos on hats, T-shirts, cups, mouse pads for computers. On the topic of Warcraft appeared books, comics, card and board games. MMORPG genre with its multiplayer mode is perfect to play Warcraft online. When creating your character, you dip it in a virtual universe, where it will interact with the atmosphere and the other characters, which, in turn, are controlled by other gamers. Initially you already endow it with certain characteristics that are due his appearance, character, some of the skills and abilities. But as the game your hero will fill your luggage skills, developing in different directions. Despite the freedom of action you, however, are tied to the storyline and act within it. But even this convention opens up many chances to improve on personal idea and feel its presence in the surreal world. Becoming part of the World of Warcraft, you will know that it inhabited by various ethnic groups. Their relationships are strained and a temporary truce, just an opportunity to gain strength and catch his breath before another hassle. Azeroth is constantly threatened by enemies, and often need to see the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, Scourge, the Burning Legion and the dragon Deathwing. Each nation has its own customs triumph, culture and rulers. Some seek peace, others are constantly looking for an excuse for hatred. You choose which race to join and the choice will depend on your continued existence. In due course you are waiting for the test, bringing both new friends and new enemies. You will enrichment, but the losses will occur. In your bins will accumulate artifacts, weapons, precious metals, armor, magic items and other things. Losing them even easier than getting. So, do not stop well-being and instills his character all the knowledge and combat skills, take part in missions and campaigns, interact with other characters, and share experiences. Gradually, your status will rise and there will be new opportunities. And in order to expand its sphere of influence, you can create multiple characters that will apply to other races. Play Warcraft online can be infinitely long, but distracted by real life, too, sometimes not. At any time, you can leave a fictitious country and go back again in another opportunity. This wonderful people, full of magic and lost people of knowledge, always ready to welcome new surprises and offer original ideas.

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