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One hesitates to throw the comfort of city life, to taste the joys and sorrows of farming. Apparently, for those in whom slumbers farmer, livestock are simulators, which can be sown grasses of the field, equipped with a full barn, make a huge poultry yard, but it did not break away from the computer screen. An example of such a game Farm Frenzy 4, which is possible to grow a variety of farm business sector - growing vegetables, planting fruit trees, breeding chickens, pigs. Also Farm Frenzy 4 games online can immerse themselves in the care of his garden, barnyard. For the development of cultivated plots are offered fields with fertile soil and seeds of various crops. At the beginning, it may be only one type of plant: wheat, corn, sunflower, cabbage, carrots. But if the first crop to grow and sell it on the market, you can buy new seeds and the next season to plant a virtual several valuable crops. Whichever player is not developed the farm, he will definitely need to create a profit selling the finished products. In different games are offered for this special truck, in which a cursor to load boxes of tomatoes, baskets of eggs, cans of milk and take it to the nearest market. Farm Frenzy 3 games require constant development - the need to improve the technique regularly, buy new animals to expand the area under cultivation. Most often this is done with the help of virtual money that is earned on their products. It's important to think about increasing profits from the farm. To do this, some toys can not sell their vegetables, fruits, sheep's wool and other products, and most of it to create a useful and more expensive goods. This may be a bakery that makes grown on a virtual field wheat bread delicious, sweet bread. Or weaving mill, processing wool in multicolored fabric, which then can be used for tailoring. To Farm Frenzy games online ended in joyful victory, should take care of the protection of a variety of pests. Fields and orchards threatened by locusts in the poultry yard can attack bloodthirsty foxes. Perhaps the game will need to put a reliable fence or have multiple watchdogs. For the game Farm Frenzy 3, you can download the original version of this agricultural simulator, or try your hand at one of the mini-games with farming strategy. Similar toys we have collected for you in this section of our site. Be able to grow a good crop in the virtual garden? How much does your cow herd reaches the herd?

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