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The heroine of the animated series "Winx Club: Winx" - a very beautiful girl who loves bright and custom clothing. And so their image is used in many computer dress up games, where you can pick an outfit for Bloom, Stella, Tecna, Layla, Flora and Muse. Each of the girls has their own unique style and dress up Winx games offer a great variety of clothes, so you can safely experiment with different parts of the fairies dress, trying to create an image that reflects the character and outlook of a sorceress. For example, the plot of the cartoon Tecna has a great attraction to all kinds of inventions and technical aids. This is reflected in her clothes - you can pick up her mod suits, provided that the Tekno was convenient to carry out their various repair or adjustment. Perhaps, in her dress should be a lot of pockets, so she can add them to the parts and tools? But Flora has a great craving for plants and flowers, and therefore it is possible to make clothes emphasis on floral motifs. How it will look on sarafanchik with beautiful buds? Clip it to fit in the form of multi-colored flowers? Games for Girls Winx Dress often allow for the preparation of fairies dress for the big event. For example, Stella, Flora and Bloom are preparing for a photo shoot for a fashion magazine, and you will be their stylist, picking up their shirts and T-shirts, skirts and trousers, boots and sandals. Or Bloom is sent to Hellounsky masquerade ball, but it can not go in there without the proper costume, and you reincarnate it from good to evil witch sorceress. Some games Winx Dress hold a contest between two pupils of the school of magic Alpheus - in the beauty and sense of style. Moreover, both partners of this comic contest will clothe you. Clothes for the fairies are chosen one by one, and then the program evaluates them and gives you a percentage point - the higher the number, the more attractive it seemed the computer girl. Most often in such amusements are you taking only one clothing Winx girls, but sometimes they simultaneously engage multiple characters, which can be a single set of clothes. Do you share between them dresses, jewelry, and accessories. Various games Dress Up Winx are made with a different gameplay. Sometimes the clothes you selected to drag the cursor over the shape sorceress, putting it in the most natural position. And sometimes it is enough just to click on a new blouse or skirt, so they immediately wore the heroine of the game. Creating an image of Winx-beauties in full, you can admire how she will look back on different backgrounds, and then print your image on the printer.

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