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Devotees animated series about the beautiful fairies in the magical dimension Magix happy to meet with their favorites of a variety of computer toys. For example, the collection of pictures, puzzles featuring fairies Winx Club allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of a cartoon, remember the scene with magical adventures, once again admire the pretty faces and stylish garments Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna. Winx games puzzles are available with varying complexity and gameplay features. Babies are worth collecting puzzles of only a few pieces - starting even with 12 particles. In these pictures is very easy to find the right place for an individual pazlinki. And in the initial stages of development of these puzzles can even include special tips, showing the form of puzzles in the picture. Greatly simplifies the task of availability of the final figure by which to verify the image. So, if the puzzle can be seen on the face of Flora, then comparing it with the final picture, you can clearly define what a place to put this piece. Virtual puzzles can be quite complex, it is suitable for experienced gamers. Here it is necessary to collect image of many small particles, and they can even be upside down, and to determine their position, we have to turn around its axis puzzles. The gameplay in the puzzle may be different. In one toy to drag the mouse cursor pazlinku to the field to collect the pictures, and if it is packed correctly, you will hear a special tone. Another game implemented as pyatnashek - there is cut into square image area are mixed together. The player has only one free box, which you can move the parts of the picture and thus consistently put them into place. A little easier to collect similar puzzle, if any part of the image can be swapped with a neighboring small square - in this case, there is no need to continually move the empty cell and the fear that it will destroy the already assembled parts of the picture. Most of the puzzles are made in a square pattern, but there are special tasks in which, for example, to add a circular image. It is divided into segments, and at first gamers to put only eight of these pieces. As you progress to new levels, will be offered the job more difficult - puzzle can be cut even 24 pieces that require real skill to collect it. There are games in which you need to put image with a time limit. If the player does not have time, pazlinki crumble again and the next time you have to start all over again. Puzzle puzzles with the heroines cartoon Winx Club gathered in this section of our site.

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Winx games online free puzzle

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