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Italian animated series "Winx Club: Winx" is about Magix magical dimension in which they live fairies, wizards, sorcerers. The main heroine of the cartoon - the girl Bloom. Up to 16 years, she lived a normal life on Earth, but then unexpectedly rescued by a fairy spell of monsters. So Bloom realized that too is a fairy. To develop their abilities, she began to learn magic in school Alpheus. Here she met with new friends, with whom organized a group of fairies, calling it the Winx Club. Education magic, the fight against evil and the development of relationships with guys, wizards so impressed the audience that this animated series has become known around the world and is available for many years. In different seasons of the heroine Winx Club meet new threats and computer games are often repeat the adventures that take place with the fairies. First Winx fairies fought Trix trio of witches who wanted to get a powerful force called the Fire Dragon. It is enclosed in Bloom, and the insidious villains are ready to go to great lengths to recover it. In the second season, the Club joins the Winx Fairy Layla, and all the company releases the tiny fairies, pixies, they were held captive by the vile Lord Darkar. The third season introduces the powerful and dangerous sorcerer Valtor. He was imprisoned in a particular dimension, and now broke out and threatens the safety of all Magix. In the fourth season of the Winx girls protect the last fairy of Earth - it hunts a group of magicians. A fifth season of the animated series gives new adventures: Tritannus, the evil son of the sea King Neptune, under the influence of toxic waste has become a powerful monster and now turns to the inhabitants of the sea monsters with the help of his magic trident, seeking to enslave not only the ocean but all the magical dimension. Games Winx Season 5 are identical: just as in the cartoon, these fun events are taking place under water. Fairies Winx transform into mermaids swim around the ocean floor, collect jewels. Found treasures bring bonus points, but a clash with dangerous fish, stingrays and other enemies reduces the supply of vital energy fairies. The cartoon shows how changes over time appearance Winx girls as they get older. This affects both their clothes, so some of the characters in the course of the series-changing outfits. Such changes are reflected in the exterior and in the games. New Dress offer a wardrobe with clothes in an updated style, and virtual beauty can do to make up Winx beautiful women according to their age and create them fresh hairstyles. Games Winx Season 5, as well as all the other seasons, you will find here on our website.

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Online Games Winx season 5 free

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