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Billionfold Frederator Studios, Studios and Nelvana - the studio and Canadian-produced fantastic adventure animated series, created by Hartman Butchemom - "Fairy Parents", known originally as the "magic cross". Cartoon viewers liked its lightness, humor and magic. The popularity of such pictures to film today is the occasion to continue their lives in the virtual world. Starting from the popular motion picture, you can be sure that the attention to the new product is provided in advance. Computer games fairy parents, though not repeat the story exactly, but stick to the main theme. In the series, the story is about a boy Timmy Turner from the most ordinary family. His parents did not pay enough attention to education of his son, busy solving their own problems, and hired a nanny for his son Vic - a cruel and surly girl. Dimmsdeyl town where the family lived Timmy also not stand the sights and was a very sad place. But when the boy realized that his aquarium fish Kosmo and Wanda - is magical fairies, and along with his godparents, Timmy's life took on a new meaning. The young man begins to make a wish, and the godparents they do, as they almost nothing is impossible. But soon the boy predicts inexperience in such a delicate matter, and all desires turn into a disaster. To remedy the negative consequences for the work of the cross again taken out of the aquarium. Magic Game parents offer their version of events. In every single game you will discover a new history connected with magic. There are cases of failures to the wishes Timmy, because he still has not learned to adjust. From such carelessness from anyone surrender nerves, so do not be surprised when Cosmo and Wanda will act against his ward. If you're ready for adventure, open the game and communicate with the magic fish and their godchild. Snowy winter was always happy kids. That Dimmsdeyl filled up with snow. While the children play, building snow castles, throwing snowballs and riding on ice, Timmy noticed that there was someone who wants to spoil everything by melting all the snow with the help of fire fireflies. As you know, your task - to prevent malicious intent. There will be a global problem, for example, to save the planet of Dark's equalizer. The inhabitants of the Earth may be left without their planet, if you do not destroy the Dark's evil plans. And when you lay on a mission justice to be done, it is necessary to allocate the bad characters from the good to the first sent to prison. Try not to make a mistake in his psychoanalysis - is always a risk secure the imprisonment of a good man. Another time, will have to become a good marksman from the laser gun. Once in sight of the object appears, smite down. At any time, one can fly in the sky, to materialize out of thin air peeking out from behind the house. Once Timmy makes a wish, become a barbarian, and is now working out the problems. And once during the regular guessing fiction, something went wrong and the boy falls from the sky all he wanted before. A pile more and will soon bury under a Timmy. Rather, get out from under the rubble! And during the garden landscaping with a magic wand, suddenly came to life and began to chainsaw hunt for a young man. But the opportunity to avenge his nurse Vick for her antics, playing checkers game. You just have to lock the girl so that she could not move through the field.

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online games Magical parents free

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