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Plots of films and cartoons involving animals, always look cute. Four-legged heroes put in conditions in which they exhibit the courage, bravery, intelligence, loyalty. They can not pretend their feelings and always act in accordance with them. Per person, which tied all my heart, they are willing to give their lives, but if the enemy is in front of them, nothing will stop the beast, until he will punish the villain. They look at the world of clean, uncomplicated eyes and perceive reality literally. In our view, this makes them a little naive, but it is the inability to play up, and pretend to be two-faced, making them loyal to our friends, and ourselves a little bit better and cleaner. Animals can serve as an example to us and to be more human than the people themselves. Hero of this column appears white dog Volt. His whole life was dedicated to the life of the screen. He starred in the TV series, where he appeared in the title role and was a hero. Life on a particular scenario assured him that this is reality, but when he was on the street, the first act habitual ways of thinking that this is another subject. Over time, he realized that the reality is more severe and unpredictable than life cinematic actor, he has to adapt to a new way of being. Tells about the animated film "Bolt," and he created the idea of ​​computer products and now you can play games for free Volt. In them, he will show all the same strong will and heroic abilities, which means you will be meeting with the enemy and fight. Despite the fact that the Volt looks pretty harmless Little Fuzzy, he does not accept compromise, and if you need his help, will do everything to correct the illegality. Super dog, superhero, agile, fast, fantastic, rapid, strong and charming - it's all about him. It is nice to your friends, but merciless to enemies. But like any hero y, y he has assistants who fight with him side by side. His girlfriend and hostess Penny has the abilities of the detective, and knows how to use high-tech machinery. Tandem brave Volta and Penny and turn them into a weapon against the treacherous criminal Calico and his minions. Starting in the Volt to play, you'll pass the mission, and to participate in adventures that befell friends. Mass of exciting events will unfold on monitors your computers, and you'll walk away with his head in the maelstrom happening. Before you grow up whole armies of enemies, led by Green-eyed. Obstacles stand in your way, but together with our heroes you can handle and defeat them. As the game progresses, collect bonuses and they will bring additional points that will help you beat the game, and the Volta fulfill its mission. You will learn about the magical abilities of a small dog that will be useful to expose the insidious conspiracy. We'll have to jump on the roofs of tall buildings, breaking the abyss. But on the way will encounter enemies who want to stop you. In games, you will see additional jobs in the form of mini games, so get ready to solve puzzles. These tasks are very different - the folding puzzles, pipe connections, walking through a maze, balancing weights, hidden object, the same images and differences. However, these mini-games can be an individual game, and if you prefer like fun, they we also have in stock, including coloring. Enjoy your games and adventures with the Volt, and his girlfriend Penny.

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