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The story about a boy wizard won millions of hearts, and not surprisingly, based on it are captivating computer games. Play the game Harry Potter is now possible with the help of a mini-browser games. For example, it may be coloring, in which colors to enliven the scene from the movie Harry Potter. What color paint the mantle of Harry during a Quidditch match? How will she look after the painting in a computer program? Harry Potter games online - it also dress. Rather, they are more like girls-gamers, because they offered to work on the appearance handsome actor Daniel Radcliffe. It all begins with his semi-nude figures, which you can try on the colorful robes, pick good shoes, nice pants. There are also games in the genre of beauty to which the Harry Potter. Here you need to put make-up on Harry, Ron, Hermione. You can try yourself in the role of the make-up artist and try to make heroes of fairy tales different emotional states, to emphasize their attractive features. Among browser games are also adventure games, in which gamers need to manage the figure of Harry and help him avoid hazards. Often there are played different parts of the plot known books. For example, the player can see in front of a virtual Marauder's Map. On it goes figurine Harry Potter and the gamer has to collect it from a variety of Lego bricks, paving the way to new levels of the game. Gradually the maze in the game will become more complex, dangerous enemies will begin to appear, such as Professor Snape. Necessary to avoid colliding with them, otherwise the mission will fail Harry. Harry Potter games online can offer to take part in the race on the bus for wizards. Gamers looking for a virtual city from the top and run it by bus, for a limited time trying to smuggle him for the final point of the level. Magically transport turns out to be not so easy to manage - it easily picks up speed and crashes into the wall on the narrow streets. But we need to get used to the control, because the collision destroyed the bus and can be a serious obstacle in the path to the goal. Computer puzzle lovers gather it may be advisable to do pictures of the Harry Potter films. A puzzle-lovers will be able to collect a number of identical gems directly into goblin bank Gringotts. Harry Potter games are also no connection with the plot of the book and film. So, you can try Hellouinskuyu toy, in which Harry flies on a broom, and with the magic rays hit by a bat and collects festive pumpkin. Games and Harry Potter are collected in this section of our site.

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