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A fat cat named Garfield became popular thanks to the comic book series, which chronicles the life and adventures of the Garfield dog Oddi, their owner John and his girlfriend Liz. On the basis of these stories to make films and cartoons, are computer games. Garfield has also entered in the browser and mini-games, in which he became the hero of colorings, arcades, odevalok, puzzles, sports. For example, a gamer can try yourself as a co-author of the Garfield comic strip. With the help of computer-based tools, it can paint a black-and-white drawings with funny cat. And it will be especially fun if you try to make your work original, unusual, different from the usual image of Garfield and his comrades. Maybe the cat will look just as cute with green hair? Ready to see how it will look with a purple tinge of Oddi eyes? There is also a special game program that allows you to create your own comics, making up for his story and drawing it from scratch. Computer Games Garfield 2 are based on two identical stories about cats, one of whom was born into a wealthy and aristocratic family, and the second was a simple fat cat of America on behalf of Garfield. It is quite logical to create a puzzle based on scenes from the film, in which the player has to find differences in two almost identical pictures. Also pictures from movies and cartoons about Garfield could form the basis for the development of the game of memory - they were sealed in small virtual cards, which the player can see only a few seconds. When the cards are turned over, the gamer has to point to the repeated pairs. The fewer false moves he makes, the more points it will fall to the bonus account. Garfield games online provide a unique opportunity to try on all sorts of funny red cat outfits. As Garfield would look in beach shorts? Or maybe it is more appropriate business suit and tie? Online games are often Garfield beat this voracious passion for the cat to a variety of delicacies. For example, the gamer can control Garfield in a tense arcade - there just fall from the sky various items. All edible must fall into the mouth of a cat and this should worry the player moving figure Garfield arrow keys. But if he makes a mistake and cause the cat to eat iron, ball, or any other non-food items, the virtual cat lose one of their lives. Online Games Garfield often give only a hint of part of the famous cat. So you can play for Garfield Ping-Pong, managing the movement of his shaggy red paws holding the racket. Garfield games you find in this section of our portal.

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