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Every boy wants to be the strongest, most agile, brave and intelligent. He sees himself at the head of a huge army, sending soldiers to attack. In the minds of its solutions are always fair and lead to victory over the enemy. Fantasizing boys become chief commanders or skillful and cunning spies, extracting the necessary information about the location of the enemy squad. Winning in a dream world is always easy, but to make sure that its own uniqueness finally, we offer to play heroes 5. First game Heroes of Might & Magіs appeared in 1995 and released her studio New World Computing. Originally, the game was designed for MS-DOS, but later it was transformed for Windows 95. The game does not immediately liked the users, but given the errors, developers are constantly improved it, and the most successful ideas taken up in the next series. Graphics are constantly improved, and when the technology has reached the current level, appeared before the users in bulk form. The game belongs to the genre of turn-based strategy and the gamer has to develop its own strategy to win over other people's castles, slay the enemy and discover new lands. In the virtual store you can buy additional weapons, uniforms and improve his fighting skills. As you play, controlled combat units gain experience and are able to fight against stronger enemies. Wanting to fight a duel, you can select option one and three soldiers, pre-selected for this hero of the twenty-four candidates. All of them have unique capabilities, and you can choose any. Should be a duel 3x3 display to match, you can still only one soldier. And if he loses the battle, it is the turn next. You can still choose to auto-battle, but in that case you will not be able to influence the course of events and remain a bystander. If it suits you, then, to absolve themselves of any responsibility, it is also a good option. But if you prefer to keep things under control, become the head of the detachment. You can put together an army of soldiers gaining from different departments. But it must be remembered that all units carry a particular set of skills, and if so to collect a motley company, to manage it will be difficult, which will affect the outcome of battles. At the bottom of the screen, review the highlights of what happened battlefield. After analyzing each step, you can see what caused the damage and the next time to fix bugs. A particularly interesting moments of the battle can be approximated to admire them close up. As practice shows, playing characters like 5 boys of any age. Newcomers easily enter into the swing of things and soon settled into the new role. Control of the game is so intuitive that a couple of minutes to study it enough. But as soon as the first encounter took place, you can be sure that the game will certainly be part of the collection, which includes only the best products. Even grown men flirted heroes 5, finding in it the possibilities that are not in similar toys. From game to game graphics are improved, music matched perfectly. But beyond the music, the game is filled with catchy sound effects, which are also favorably emphasize gameplay features. You have to perform various tasks, to protect their buildings and attack other people to develop their combat units and open new land, taking care of expanding the boundaries.

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