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Computer simulations of musical instruments can play a beautiful melody or even write your own composition, try sounding guitars, piano, drums or create a harmonious ensemble. Games with a guitar set up with the original sound of the instrument and to master the game on it, gamers do not need a long time to train finger dexterity and remember complex chords. On the screen you can see the picture of the guitar and the left click of the mouse you can play single melody, or a combination of notes. These toys provide a wide scope for creativity - perhaps even a gamer will be able to create the perfect musical masterpiece. In some guitar simulators are a variety of opportunities to create music. Here one click you can play a small trill of guitar sounds, and their compound forms a complete melody. This principle is often used in games to the development of memory. For example, the screen shows several guitar players and each of them can play a little tune. They hit the strings with each other, and then the player should be in the same sequence click on the orchestra that sounded the same notes. Sometimes zagadannuyu composition can lose, if you press the different buttons on the keypad. Thus, the gamer sees the guitar fretboard, but instead of strings on it is running line, showing the different icons: arrows, numbers, letters. Gamer should have time to click on the desired character keyboard as long as it is seen in a virtual guitar. From the sounds of this one note, and all of them together form a melody. Such games are of different levels of difficulty - it depends on the speed of the characters, as well as the sophistication and richness of the composition itself. If a player makes a mistake, he has increased the number of misses, which can lead to a failure on the playing level. If he plays the music quickly and correctly, you earn bonus points, sets records and provides access to other, more interesting compositions. For many fans of guitar, this tool is not only a source of music and creative fun, but also represents a certain lifestyle, fashion, thinking and behavior. And because flash games are sometimes created with a guitar in the genre odevalok. Here you can see the half-naked girl guitarist or a cute guy with a guitar and a set of stylish clothes. Just one click is enough to try on the heroes of ripped jeans, bright T-shirts. Guitar playing online allows even those who have never held in my hands the instrument. And who knows, maybe trying toys collected in this section of our website, you can discover the talent of the musician or composer.

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