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Girl gamers also enjoy the excitement of racing competitions, and for them in the computer world there is a lot of games with nice cars, pink bicycles, nice bikes. Games for girls race cars offer special design, beautiful natural surroundings, the specific appearance of the main characters - are all picked up "like a girl." For example, in these races you can go on a luxury convertible car on the streets of chic seaside town. The player needs to drive around in a calm rhythm found in the road car, collect a variety of bonuses to overtake competitors. Racing for girls require the player most civilized driving, careful handling of your car, caution pedestrians than the intense battle for every inch of road bends and high-speed cornering. Very often in such toys girl can show their talent and racing manager to take care of the timely upgrade of the car. During the race, earn virtual money between rounds to be used for repairs, purchase of parts and extras. Often, the successful promotion racing championship requires a complete change of the car and the driver must exert themselves in every stage of the contest, to save enough money for that. Which car would you prefer - a sports supercar powerful jeep rover luxury limousine? For girls who want to feel a little extreme, we can recommend the bike racing, because here except a set speed and successful entry into the turns must also ensure balance while jumping. In these games, gamer usually sees happening on the side and should notice when the rider to lean back to lift the front wheel and land successfully on the road, and when to lean forward on the contrary, to raise the rear wheel and successfully get out of a dangerous bend. In games of this type often have to control the truck carrying valuable cargo. Gamer here is to not only get to the finish line, but also drop off a whole load safely. Racing Games for girls held in the form of a contest between riders, races against the clock. Many celebrities and cartoon game worlds away to take part in these entertainments. Mario riding in a jeep in the meadows and presses his tracks evil mushrooms. Sonic hard pedaling the bike and in the process gaining a piggy bank gold rings. In races for girls participating Pokémon, Dasha traveler, SpongeBob and many other characters. Take part in a virtual race for girls in this section of our site. Can set a new record? Collect all bonuses on the track?

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