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Race in virtual reality can feel the excitement of the match, exciting force speed. The joy of participating in them will be much stronger if the gamer does not fight with the computer program, and with your real friends. Games for two races allow each player to control a single machine, using a computer keyboard. This is possible if, for example, the race is seen at the top and at the same time one can see the whole track and all the participants of the round. In this case, the machine is quite small and painted for success in the competition, you will need to get used to the methods of control. You always have to navigate the turns not on the position on the screen and on the machine itself, because once she turns on the wheel, the button "right" will have to turn it down, and the car sped to the right of the display, you need to press the arrow " up ". Just a few laps can bring an understanding of the control system to automatism and focus solely on the race course. Each track is unique, and in a variety of simulations need to use different racing tactics. For example, if high-speed race a Formula 1 car, the collisions are not allowed. They lead to a significant reduction of speed, damage to the machine and immediately withdrawn. Success in such competitions can be achieved by choosing a suitable path, the rapid acceleration on the straight sections and accurate cornering. But if you are involved in a race powerful all-terrain vehicles, it is the road rage, blocking rivals and pushing them into the ditch, may be the only possible way to win the gold. There are even games in which the machine can fire devastating rounds and thus clearing a path to the first position. Playing together, not necessarily become enemies, because you can use team tactics to help each other to bypass the computer competitors and gaining valuable points to win the championship. Many flash racing can hold gradually improving his technique. To do this, look in the shops, install new tires, put the engine upgrades, facilitate the body, improve the aerodynamics. For these actions will require real money and are easy to make, if occupy the top position on the podium. Often in the course of the game of new access routes. They will be more difficult to win, and they need to develop their skills in simple races. The individual steps races help score points in the championship standings and set records in the game. Try a variety of races for two in this section of our site.

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