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Board with wheels can be a source of entertainment and delicious method of expression. You can perform on a skateboard tricks and there are special grounds - curved arc jumps on which skateboarders pick up speed, jump, perform a somersault. If you have not yet decided to buy your own skateboard, you can try to become a brilliant skater in virtual reality. Here, everything is much easier and safer than in the real world. Character in the game, accelerate the challenging track full of jumps, sudden drop-offs, piled obstacles. Gamer should watch for speed, time to jump in the air to perform various tricks. If the virtual skate will be too slow, instead of beautiful jump will fall offensive. If he does not keep a balance in flight, can not land on four wheels, and fall on hard asphalt. Performing tricks - an important part of the art of skateboarding. In virtual simulations gamer should as much as possible to keep his character in flight to catch to make the most incredible tricks. For every trick meets a separate button on the keyboard and start their development costs with simple steps. Gradually player skill will grow and he will be able to surprise even himself acrobatic dexterity, defying the laws of gravity. Every trick brings a certain amount of bonuses. Often, to go further in the game, you need to accumulate the required amount of points for a limited time. This encourages the player not to waste time on the virtual display jumps all their skills. Racing Games on skateboards are created with different characters. It can be cartoon and game names such as Dora, SpongeBob, Sonic, Bart Simpson, Ben 10. Or realistic drawings teenage skateboarders. Sometimes these races have to fight to speed with other skaters or to fulfill an important mission. Games created with the skateboard even for kids - here you need to collect candy along the way, gently go around the pits and oil stains. Children's toys are different low speed, a simple jumps. Virtual skateboarding competitions are held on long straight roads, urban roofs, specialized sites with fancy equipment. There are girly toys with skateboards - the virtual beauties are not against to try their hand at extreme play. And in between workouts, they are happy to measures the stylish shorts, T-shirts, helmets, knee pads in games, dress up games. In this section of our site contains the most interesting games of skate. Ready to set new records for the courage and skill?

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