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In real life tractor - it is rather a tool for heavy work than party racing events. But it is quite another thing the world of computer games, which often take place in the tractor race and where every gamer can become the champion of this unusual sport. Tractors in these races are different. Some pretty fast and they're a gamer can focus on the fight against competitors, a set of speed, swerving. There are racing tractors that are capable of overcoming the unpredictable off-road, but the player is required a special skill in the management process. Bump may cause an accident, and loss of balance can lead to a descent from the race. Most often used in tractors for agriculture and virtual tractor races also take place in vast fields, country roads. Often, in the race to the tractor trailer attached to extra load, and the driver will have to not only monitor the speed on the track, but also to show the wonders of balance, not to spill on the road with bales of corn and not to lose the way chickens, sheep and goats. Games race on tractors are often made with a time limit, so no matter how awkward it would be a roaring machine, a gamer must constantly put pressure on the gas, trying to make it to the finish. Some of the tractors in the gaming world have an enormous destructive power, and the player is invited to apply it in practice, destroying on the way the various buildings, crushing cars and other equipment. This can be a powerful tractor on tracks with a huge bucket and he was not afraid of any obstacles, you only get enough speed and then in front of it will fall any walls. Sometimes the quality of computer toys tractors are used as protection against various monsters. For example, the zombies in a virtual world completely unbelted, freely walking the streets, attacking people. But the hero boldly sits in the cab of his tractor, a huge bucket smashes head monsters, heavy treads crushes their bodies. Tractor racing and stunts can sometimes perform - if the track comes across a steep ramp, you do not always need to brake before it, it is quite possible to be able to make a tractor dizzying leap, or even perform a back flip in the air. Game tractor race often involves collecting bonuses along the way. It can be a variety of vegetables, precious stones, gold bars, or just virtual money, which shall be credited to the player on the results of the race. If there is an opportunity to buy upgrades, standing in front of each new race to spend their money on it. The most interesting flash game on tractors we have selected for you in this section of the site.

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