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Gravity - a surprising phenomenon that allows us to walk on the surface of the planet, not randomly fly in the infinite space. Often gravity acts as a major component of computer games and the gamer to win them, you need to understand the impact of this force on various objects in virtual reality, and try to control the force of gravity to perform some important mission. A very common game with bouncing balls, humans, animals - gamer should control their jumps, jump from platform to platform to overcome the wide chasm and deadly traps. If you learn to understand the gravity of these toys, you can easily spend a hero to the exit to the next level. Similar games are created with different designs and characters - it can be a robot caught in a maze of a spacecraft or a mysterious eye, bouncing away from the body. Gravity is very important in many races. Gamer sees on the screen, jeep, bike or other equipment. Ahead stretches a difficult track with bumps, steeps, speed sites and dangerous jumps. Here it is necessary to develop an improved sense of balance, so that after a jump not to land the hood to the ground. Gamer in games constantly monitors gravity. Lovers of equilibrium can play Gravity Games with building an intricate design of geometric blocks of different shapes. The player must correctly install them on each other or on special stands. The result is a delicate structure, and therefore if at the time of its construction mistakes had been made in the understanding of gravity, the whole tower will collapse with a roar, and the gamer will have to pass the level again. The strength of gravity is an integral part of the game in the style of Angry Birds - the player charges the gun and shoots out of it for a variety of designs. So you need to calculate the trajectory of the shot to the shell correctly bent by gravity and hit the weakest points of enemy installations. So you can shoot dogs-cores, by fastening castles cats. Or just run virtual balls in a tower of wooden cubes. There are toys that need with the help of gravity to send any flying object hanging on a rope. For example, Acrobat keeps the rope and swinging over the abyss. Gamer disengages it from a rope so that he could fly in the air to a safe ledge or pick up another rope - and so as long as the person does not get let out to a new level. All sorts of games with gravity you can try in this section of the site. Are you confident in your understanding of this fundamental physical law?

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