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It turns out that in between New Year holidays Santa Claus lives a very diverse life. In any case, it happens in numerous video games with his participation, where he is skiing, motorcycle, truck, becomes the hero of exciting brodilok, odevalok, shooters, strategy and puzzle games. Most of these games are for grandpa Training simulators before the holiday distribution of gifts. In them, he perfects his skills in battle with the evil elves, sleigh rides overcomes dangerous obstacles, prepares the design festive fur coats, practiced in decorating the Christmas tree ... For example, his sled race across the snow-covered expanses, and they come across a lot of obstacles - a tall tree blocking the road, the open pit. The player helps Santa Claus dodging dangers and collect valuable artifacts. When grandpa is in town, he has a different problem - you need to park. This difficult task in a special game-park he trusts gamers to be careful to harness deer and impressive sleigh through narrow passages, put them in a given place and at the same time never faced with any obstacle. For sleds are in place and it would seem that more should have no difficulty in delivering the long-awaited toys, but in the other game insidious magical creatures and climb possess gifts and deprive the baby of festive joy. With such wicked acts accordingly Santa Claus - pulls out a high-powered rifle and kills villains. About such a plot is shown in the shooter with a fabulous grandfather. Here you need to aim for different enemies and not allow them to have lasted their greedy paws to the coveted bag. In order to appear in the house, Santa Claus need a decent attire. There are toys, in which the gamer tries himself in the role of the designer picks for grandpa style coats and the color, it measures the boots and gloves, pants, and offers a warm hat. Finally, all the gifts are distributed, and Santa Claus can relax. For example, take a ride on his beloved motorcycle: it with great speed drives on high snowdrifts, and then jumping with them for a long time while in flight. The player helps him keep his balance, landing on its wheels, jump across the gap and collect bonuses along the way. Game Santa Claus suit and with various attributes of the New Year - for example, collects a puzzle of snowflakes, Christmas trees and stars, trying to lay down a series of three identical figures. Or decorate the room for the holiday colored ribbons hang on fir toys and colorful rain. Enjoy the games with Santa Claus in this section of our site!

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