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Kids Games Online Racing simulators are not like that so many options and specific actions. But they fully satisfy the desire to break the rules and give the opportunity to interact with fun characters, cartoons and comics. In these games are always full of fun, humor and unexpected plot twists. The main characters do not control the movements of just the usual means, such as a bicycle, motorcycle, boat, car, truck, tractor. But the idea - a flying carpet, broom, stupa. Compete in the speed characters will foot or flying through the air without any additional tools. If the birds help themselves wings, the other competitors do not have such privileges and have to resort to magic or the power of thought to get to go up into the clouds. Drive ahead of the curve can be on the ground, under water and in the air. And even if one is not adapted to the nature of the fast jumps, it does not stop them. Take a look at the snails, caterpillars and turtles, which, it seems that they are flying at a speed of sound. Is not it hilarious? Animals, birds, insects, humans, aliens and monsters are constantly competing for the title of the fastest. Driving them, The kids will learn to react quickly nA change in the situation and make the right decisions. Virtual tour constantly changing and unpredictable. The stone on the road will grow from nowhere, the break will be drawn. Puddles, fallen trees, bumps, bricks and other troubles lurk our riders all the way. It should gape, as you fly headlong into the abyss or ditch. During a game for kids race, kids will get a great opportunity to practice response and act as any fairy tale character. Santa Claus is a frequent guest in these games and a festive night in a hurry to breed gifts. He rushes at full sail, not to offend anyone, but he has all the time something happens - a sick deer, the sled broken. To catch up for lost time, he has to look for an alternative way to travel. In racing games, he develops motorcycles, snowmobiles, ski, skate, bike, and even a cannon ball or a rocket. Sponge Bob also offers many options for racing. Sometimes it rises to the land, but still prefers water spaces native habitat. Super Mario - this brave plumber, afraid of nothing. He was so used to the difficulties that it can be found in each category. And as it races just do not scare! It is not only easy to control your truck, but also manages to collect the goods in a trailer. The greater the severity of it accumulates, the more difficult to control the machine. Any slight tilt can flip the trailer and truck with Mario. But if you're careful, you can handle and dial the required player points. Can still be otvyazny bikers and the crowd to drive on the streets, scaring pedestrians and passing drivers on the road. And having stolen someone else's car, it is necessary to escape from the police. There can be no enforcement of traffic laws and driving ensures because the adrenaline rush. Heading out on the sidewalk, under the wheels to be hit sluggish pedestrians and animals. Underground garages and bridges at your disposal. But if you crash into a pole or a building, then consider the race is over for you. If boys like just such a mad ride to the girls prefer a slightly different form of racing and because of them created beautiful cars, which will manage the dolls, little animals, or other girls, collecting along the way all the sweets, jewelery and cosmetics.

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