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The ability to draw is given by beautiful nature and is called talent. But you can learn technical methods, style and accuracy of geometry to create highly badsome picture. Genius in this case is not to be, but as drawing for fun is well done. And when you consider that even the talented artists are not all known, then next to them you'll look great too. Drawing - a type of training that is learned in early childhood. Kid barely learned to hold a pencil, he learns to apply it in practice, painting the everything that comes their way - wallpaper on the walls, floors, cabinets, sofas, appliances. In each family survived without physical evidence of Arts of the young talent that, at least, the stories about them are not enough for one hilarious evening. And that's not to mention the numerous albums for drawing, coloring, markers, crayons, colored pencils and pens. Before starting the procedure is necessary to protect the creative accommodation, covering the surface of the hard-laundered bedspread organize the workplace, providing it with water cans for paints, rags to wipe the spray off the table and floor, clothe the artist in old clothes you do not mind. And well, if you can control it all and organize. And if the child has experienced an unplanned attack inspiration when you are not around? Then help! General cleaning for the day is provided. But you can not deprive a child of such a useful lesson just because you do not want to clean up or about to appear on the verge of guests and absolutely no time to engage in drawing. For such cases, there is an ingenious solution - children coloring game online. With these games parents are deprived of surprises, long preparations and cleaning. Virtual coloring stand out from its competitors by paper that they do not have to buy, they do not break, are presented in a wide range. In the end, any image can be painted many times, changing the design options. Cartoon characters come to games for kids coloring pages of many stories. Boys and girls will discover the favorite characters to your liking. At the time, both girls like dolls, fairies, princesses and mermaids, boys prefer cars, robots, monsters, pirates, dinosaurs. Now, even the conservative pope, who believe that boys engage in more useless "girlish nonsense," and better drive in the yard in football, hockey and shoot weapons, agree that drawing and painting also deserve attention of half of mankind. Moreover, that all great artists - are men. Some games offer a preliminary examination of the original image, and then repeat it from memory alone. Famous characters must be preserved in the memory of a child and one can easily play them in colorings. This is a great test for memory and a stimulant to strengthen it. But the manifestation of individual creativity, expressed in its version of painting, is also a good way out. This means thinking outside the box, and the desire to experiment, to find new solutions and different from others. In some games, is a function of the press and after the completion of the picture, it can send to the printer and save the album. Still have options when before painting, you first need to draw a picture. This is more complex, but more room for imagination and creativity development.

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