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Many children are very familiar with Dasha the Explorer and her cousin Diego. In the cartoon, the two get into an amazing adventure, learn a lot and learn a lot of its viewers. In the computer world there is a lot of toys with their participation. Basically, they are designed for younger gamers - to teach the basics of interaction with your computer can learn math, English. There are games for the development of memory. They player sees some pictures with scenes of cartoons about Dasha and Diego. He has a few seconds to memorize their location, and then when they turn over the flip side, you will show two identical memory images. There are games to help improve imaginative perception and thinking processes of analysis and synthesis. This is a puzzle finding differences in two very similar images. Gamer sees a Dasha, Diego, Monkey Slipper and other cartoon characters and have to say that, for example, two pictures from Diego eyes of different colors, and Dasha in the hands of a different number of flowers. Cartoon scene Dasha-tracker and go, Diego! create puzzles - player moves small pieces image, rotate on its axis to put in the right place the whole picture. Younger gamers should try virtual coloring. Here, access is any color, they can be applied to design a couple of clicks and change any number of times, bringing black and white drawing up a multi-colored perfection. Games Diego and Dasha - it is also fun with bicycles, motorcycles, jeeps. They also learn a gamer, this time patience and caution. Diego attached to his bicycle cart with products to separate them into people's homes. But on his way there are sharp ascents, descents and other unexpected obstacles - gamers should constantly monitor the jolting carts, slow down on the slopes, keep your balance while getting up to no bottle and no packets dropped on the road. Dora showing gamers in computer entertainment is not always more important than speed and recklessness - it is a very neat bike rides and the player helps her safely to overcome even the most sophisticated of the track. Dasha and Diego are involved in many other adventures - skiing and skateboarding, archery on balloons, overcome challenging obstacles and carry out important missions in games, adventure games. You can make a cake in the cooking game, dress up Dora Dress Up for Halloween, create a picture in the style of Diego and Dasha for his mug, to help his brother and sister to clean the world of garbage. Have fun and learn with Diego and Dasha, thanks to the games in this section of our site.

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