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Extinct in the real world, dinosaurs seem good feel in the space of computer games. They roam the virtual jungle and sometimes even attack people. Have to be really brave hero to take up arms and go against a giant lizard. Gamers invited to take control of one of these brave men, or even the whole inhabited by prehistoric people who need to be protected from dinosaurs. For example, the main character can be a person with a huge stone ax. He did not stop running through meadows and forests, and on the way he came across the bloodthirsty monsters. Or just need them to jump, or aptly beat ax, or runner will die without reaching their goal. Such missions are available and with better technique. In the game of reality can become a professional hunter dinosaurs, go to the forest in a jeep, shoot destructive missiles on tyrannosaurs, pterodactyls and other predators. Collecting bonuses in these toys, you can get access to new weapons, to strengthen his defense, to improve the car. Battle of the dinosaurs are in the form of shooters that require only a mouse to aim accurately, not allowing evil reptilian close to the protagonist. Or in the form of multi-level brodilok, quests. They have to travel to Earth Jurassic dinosaurs to protect themselves from attack, collect valuable artifacts hiccup keys to a safe exit area. Lovers of strategies like defend a city from the attacks of wild dinosaurs. Securely need to strengthen the protective walls, install powerful archers, catapults, so that when the reptile dare to attack, people would be able to give a reliable resistance. Some dinosaurs are not putting up with this state of affairs, and continue to destroy the city, to press their huge paws cars and passers-by. Gamers can get in the game on the side of the raging dino help him to effectively destroy all the cities in the virtual world. Often, the dinosaurs of the game world there is absolutely nothing to do with the people, and they are much more interesting to participate in racing competitions. They sit on bikes, jeeps and try to beat each other on difficult terrain, full of bumps, jumps and dangerous traps. There are games that are held true running dinosaurs - to manage one of the participants of the race and bring it to the finish line first. Often the reason is not running dinosaur sporting aspirations, such as a volcanic eruption - lava destroying all life in its path and the dinosaur to be very fast, in time to jump over the pit and relatives not to burn in the blazing stream. Online games about dinosaurs collected in this section of our portal.

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