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Treatment of disease - an important matter, which can be very interesting if everything happening in the world of computer games. For example, gamers are invited to become a vet and manage the entire clinic. Brought to him the various small animals, which must be sent to the desired study, explore, to treatment. For example, it may be a dog, a foot which got a splinter. To get started is to find the source of the problem by using a special magnifying glass, then take the tweezers and pull out a piece of glass or a thorn. That treatment was complete, it is necessary to disinfect the wound and apply a protective bandage. In these games offer to take care of cats, birds, horses, hamsters and many other kids only. It can be themed clinics that treat only the animals from the farm or just thoroughbred pony. Doctor games offer a treat and people. For example, the gamer is a contributor to child health clinics, kids come to him with various problems. One bruise on his knee, the other teeth ache, coughing third. To gently apply the ointment, bandage, give the correct pills, prescribe effective treatments. For every action in these games use a specific menu item - so you can measure the pressure, check the temperature of the body, to make the shot. The mission of the game is not complete if the child leaves the hospital healthy and happy. Sometimes doctoral games do require surgery. And here we must be especially careful, because the slightest wrong move could lead to the death of the patient. In some games offered to feel intense rhythm of the emergency room, where virtual nurse has time and properly distribute all incoming patients and helps the player to quickly take back wheelchairs to patients in the right chamber. Not always in the hospital flash games, you control the doctors and nurses. Gamer can sometimes feel as a patient who has no more strength to continue treatment for obsessive, and he dreams of escaping. It should help him slip past the strict safety nannies - these games are in the form of quests, and they need to carefully examine the gaming space, look for useful items and try to understand how they can be used for its purpose. There are toys that are only distantly related to the mobile life doctors, but they can be very interesting for gamers. Here you can pick up clothes for nurses, and a player decide whether to choose a style seductive young girl in a miniskirt or create a strict aunt in classic white coat. Game about the doctors and hospitals we have collected for you in this section of our site. Ready to cure all diseases, virtual reality?

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