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Computer games offer a variety of entertainment and these are implemented even such classic board fun, like dominoes. The point of this game is very simple - every participant receives a certain amount of knuckles and must enclose them to the total figure collected by all the players. Domino is divided into two parts, each of which shows a different number of points. They play a very important role in the game, as the underlay his knuckles on the table, so you need to match these points: knuckle, for example, with two points is applied only to the same as the one where there are no points can be placed just next to the identical . Number of dominoes, each player is limited, and if it does not fit, he should take a new one from the reserve. The winner of the game is the first one to lay out all of your knuckles on the table. Sometimes in a game situation where none of the participants could not continue the game. Then declared that the party is over "fish". The winner in this case is the one who will have a smaller amount of knuckles on his hands. If the game goes on, as a series of parties, the players recorded points and the tournament winner is the one who will be able to come up with minimal results. If you play dominoes online, will have to follow the same rules. Although even those who first received it for fun, can easily understand its features, following the prompts convenient program. In the browser-based games with dominoes do not need to look for a partner - their role is performed by a computer that can make moves on behalf of several participants. Simulations domino generally similar to each other and differ only by the features of graphic solutions, musical design - you can choose either the standard black-and-white knuckles and just put them in the empty space game, and stylish figures, made with three-dimensional graphics that are used in entertainment virtual mafia bosses. There are games that use the essence of dominoes, but develop the game in an unexpected direction. For example, in the arcade to collect whole series of dominoes crossing the virtual field and exciting all the gold coins along the way. Here you can select only those chips that appear in the special menu. In other toys need to build a series of dominoes to fall in a series dropped the whole structure. The game offers start with simple tasks, but with the growth of skill, and can be taken for complex shapes at high levels. And yourself knuckles can be embellished as funny little men that make this game a particularly amusing. Flash games with dominoes in the classic and innovative options you can try in this section of our portal.

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