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Dragons live in the legends, cartoons and computer games. Here you can meet the fire-breathing monsters, ride one of them or to engage him in battle. Games with dragons can become a virtual knight, armed with a sword, which is sent to the dense forest to meet there the dragon and defeat him in a fair fight. Typically, in such a game in front of a gamer put a lofty goal, such as saving the beauty, the princess, or getting rid of villagers from the devastating attacks of cruel monster. Few people in power can be compared with the dragons, but he can use better weapons or magic spells to throw a dangerous enemy. Often, to compete with the main dragon of the game, you must first defeat of his associates, a small and weak hatchlings. There are games in which the gamer on the side of the dragons in the confrontation with the people. This, for example, can be a huge winged monster that flies over the settlements and the fiery flow destroys home, kills people, burn their crops. Although often flying fire-breathing dragon is not an evil thief, and a reliable assistant for a noble hero. For example, an adolescent ninja Naruto can ride a dragon and fly with him in the villain's lair, destroy warships attacking from all sides, level with the ground defense towers. Dragons become the characters of many games with wizards, elves and other fantastic creatures. It can be a quest in which the main character goes from castle to castle, meets with residents of virtual communities, is trying to find important artifacts to open the secret door to get to the main villain and defeat him. These toys have to constantly worry about the safe arms, ammunition reserves, the development of defensive and offensive qualities of a hero - for this is to accumulate experience points, to search for all kinds of magical items. Dragons games are also a popular genre of children's coloring. Moreover, you can make colorful as unpretentious with cartoon drawings drakosha and three-dimensional models of huge dragons. In such toys can be painted in a special shade of each dragon's scales on the skin and a horn on its snout fierce. An important part of the lives of all dragons - it's egg laying and care about them. And that eggs are a major target for many thieves and predators. To dragon tribe has not disappeared in the game world, gamer dragon helps catch thieves and pluck out their greedy hands a precious egg. Play a variety of toys with the dragons in this section of our website. Will to fight dragons or become their friend, protecting dragons from enemy attacks?

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