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In the story of the classic comic book, Iron Man - this is a brilliant inventor Tony Stark. He was captured by the villains, criminals who wanted to force him to make a super-powerful weapon, but instead, the hero has built an iron suit, giving an amazing opportunity and virtually immune to external influences. With this costume scientist was able to not only be released from prison, but also on the path of fighting against evil, taking himself the nickname Iron Man. A variety of online games Iron Man can control this hero, and he often performs tasks in flight games. He rushes through the clouds, and towards depart aggressive robots. They produce the most dangerous discharges that gradually destroys the protection of Iron Man, reduce its energy and health. But the hero is also not completely unarmed and can fend for themselves. He shoots from the palm of laser discharges, use a stream of homing missiles, destroying all enemies in sight thanks to a powerful light beam. Usually the flash games weapons Iron Man is divided into standard, which can be used without restriction, even though it has a high destructive power, and a bonus, which is available only after a set of specific artifacts, energy storage or is engaged only a few times per level. Bonus weapon is reserved for special occasions. For example, when in front of the hero builds up too many enemies, is to involve a powerful beam to instantly clear the way for him. Or if you have to fight the main boss - then there is no point to spare resources, and vice versa is to use all available opportunities. Such battles are held in different locations - in the city that need to be protected from robot invaders, in the middle of the desert, where the hero came to the base of the terrorists. As with other popular characters, Iron Man can be found in almost all game genres. This may be a race in which the gamer controls the ultrafast flying hero, helping him along the way to collect important artifacts and get to the finish line for a limited time. Or search for differences - here you need to point out the discrepancy in the two nearly identical images from Iron Man himself, and with his friends and enemies. There are puzzles in which you need to collect parts of the portrait of the famous superhero or recreate a scene from the film with his participation. You can also try to create a unique design of the iron suit, using different sleeves, breast shields, masks. Iron Man prefers to play interesting and exciting because it is such we have put together for you in this section of our site.

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