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flash games castle defense, castle defense flash games, online protection of the castle, Defense, Tower Defence Games Browser of the mini-games have become very popular strategic fun with defensive towers, castles. The general sense in them is quite simple - there is a road on which the enemies move. Along the road is necessary to place military installations that no insidious enemy could not get into the territory of the player. Defenses shoot streams of deadly arrows, let the devastating fire kernel is sent to the head of the most dangerous enemies of magic spells. The more defensive towers installed, the better chance the gamer to stand in the stream of attacking troops. Usually, flash games castle defense require constant upgrades to which you want to spend real money. At first they were not enough even to arrange the towers along the entire length of the road, not to mention improving their attacking qualities. But every destroyed enemy brings a bonus and when they accumulate enough to be used on all development. Protection of the castle flash games are often incorporated experimental parameters - for example, for the victory in the battle over the player gets three-star experience that can be distributed between the different types of troops, making soldiers more secure, and their shots are more effective. These games are divided into individual rounds, each of which consists of a number of attacking waves - if they win all, you can access to the new location, there will be opportunities for further improvements. Sometimes castle defense games are a little bit changed gameplay. The player controls only one is a warrior on the defensive wall, shoot arrows into the approaching zombies. The purpose of the shot indicated the mouse and the cost in time to destroy all the attacking forces, otherwise they will destroy the wall and the whole castle. There is a huge variety of subjects for such games. Battle may take place in the style of medieval wars - there are many archers, knights, spearmen. Often, these toys are involved in magical creatures such as elves, goblins, werewolves, dragons. In one such game is necessary to place along the road garbage shredders that will absorb a passing plastic, paper, food waste. And in the other game requires protection of secret military research base on which encroach high-tech robots aggressive aliens. Tower Defence game created even for girls and young gamers. These can, for example, to save the orchard from the attacks of pests. Or build for cavemen protection from attacks dinosaurs. Often to win in these games you need to use additional security features - streams of meteorites, freezing spells, and others. Ready to try your hand at building a defensive strategy?

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