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Millions of Star Wars fans will gladly meet with your favorite movie characters in numerous video games. One of the most exciting entertainment here - it's a battle of the lightsaber. Two Jedi warrior suit her for a workout or to punish the evil criminal. Before the start of the match gamer can choose your hero Anakin Skywalker in his human guise or under the guise of Darth Vader, Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Master Yoda. To be successful in the fight is worth exploring all the possibilities of a lightsaber, because it allows you to attack the enemy with conventional swings, can be used to create a reliable protection for super attacks, for special Jedi techniques. If the Star Wars play the game, it will be possible not only to participate in duels Jedi, but also to organize the defense of the entire planet against the invading imperial army. To do this, the player will be a powerful gun, shooting damaging projectiles. In the enemy's ships do not stand a chance after direct hits, but they use stealth and hiding behind a peaceful passenger liners. To win, you will need to catch the moment when the war ship is within sight of the gun. So for a limited time, it is possible to reduce the maximum occupant fleet and do not blow too many innocent ships. One of the most exciting parts of Star Wars - it's high-speed flights in interstellar space with the extermination of constantly attacking enemies. Watch this action is extremely interesting, but much more exciting to become a party to it. Most often, these games do not use registered trademarks of Star Wars, but they do not become any less interesting - there is a heavy-duty vehicles, laser guns, the obstacles in the form of asteroids, agile opponents. Although there are also games that you can use replicas of movie spaceships. The player needs to follow the path of his flight in order not to run into a block of stone or fly into a cluster of enemies. And regular press on the button shot, clearing the way of enemy shells, foreign ships. Most of these games are divided into levels, in which you can move to other locations to buy extra hardware to try more advanced ships. Star Wars games are created in many other genres. Strategies are found here, in which you need to develop your army to capture the neighboring planet. Action in which you can control, for example, the warrior-clone and carry out dangerous missions in enemy territory. Play these and many other games with the theme of Star Wars in this section of our website.

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