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In the past, the gold rush caused people to lose his head, chasing elusive opportunity to find in the depths of the earth precious yellow nuggets. In today's world, gold is not so easy to find and dig deep for this mine, sifted through tons of rock special arrangements. Quite a different situation exists in virtual reality - is not only possible to accumulate the yellow metal literally pounds, but not at the risk of losing self-control of the gold rush. Online Games gold digger open spacious location with mountains, forests and deserts. You can send a hero to explore new lands, to establish with the help of dynamite, and after the explosion to collect the wreckage shiny pieces of gold. At first, these games are very limited possibilities - the gamer can use only a cheap and ineffective explosives in his possession a small trolley, which fits only a tiny portion of the precious prey, he can not carry out specialized research areas, to find out where he met his gold deposits. But only a few successful bombings will allow him to get start-up money to buy dynamite effective, powerful truck, build a research station, and even a whole village to organize miners, with all necessary infrastructure. Thus, the search for virtual gold becomes an exciting multi-level strategy. Although the flash amusements do not have to develop a huge zolotoiskatelnuyu corporation. Some toys gamer task is greatly simplified - the hero is a special mechanism that produces deep into the earth's rocks hook tenacious, able to capture the very heavy pieces of yellow metal. Gamer chooses plunge angle to this detour back to the really valuable find, and not brought the skeleton of prehistoric reptiles or just a piece of rock. Similar games are of different complexity. For example, kids run the mouse Jerry, standing in the same place - he sees a wide layer of land and a good aim can, before you run the hook under the ground. Experienced gamers choose the job more difficult - here playing a character rides on the trolley speed through underground mines, which makes quick decisions and quick to wield a catchy mechanism, because if you linger, all deposits of gold will remain far behind. Online games often require a gold digger to collect a certain amount of precious metal in order to move to higher levels. And it must be done for a limited time. Try yourself in the role of a virtual prospector using games in this section of our website.

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free online game Gold Miner

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