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The story of Cinderella stirs the hearts of many generations of lovers of fairy tales. It tells the story about a simple girl who oppressed the wicked stepmother and stepsisters. They forced her to work hard, why his face was always unhappy in the ash - hence its name, Cinderella. Once in their kingdom had a ball, which had to choose a bride for the prince. Fairy godmother helped Cinderella get to conjure her dress, glass slippers, a luxury coach. Need only make one condition - to leave the royal castle before midnight, otherwise dissipate witchcraft. Cinderella barely had time to disappear in a hurry and lost her shoe on the stairs. The prince fell in love with a strange girl because he was looking for her all over the country, trying all this single shoe. At the end of the beloved fairy tale met and lived happily ever after. On the basis of this plot are captivating computer games. For example, you can feel as a sorceress, to select for a sweet Cinderella ball gown. Here you can choose the color, style, pick up the decorations. Sometimes with games Cinderella dresses can also take the appearance of the protagonist - to pick up her hair, dye hair, apply makeup. After such manipulation can turn a classic princess, similar to the beauty of the Disney cartoon, and quite a modern girl, preferring extravagant outfits, bright accessories. There are also design games that gamers can take care of the appearance of the carriage for Cinderella. Here you can set the color, taste gold jewelry, different wheels and curtains. Other Cinderella games for girls put more strenuous tasks - for example, to help Cinderella to travel further from the palace, and hide from the Prince before the magic driven away, the horses turn into mice, the carriage into a pumpkin, and the gorgeous dress in rags. To do this, you need to jump over obstacles to save the game of life, and for a limited time to try to drive the largest possible distance. Games for Girls Cinderella often use beautiful cartoon pictures of Disney, offering them find hidden objects to find similar differences in the pictures, collect puzzle with Cinderella to paint her portrait virtual paint. Some toys are made in the form of consistent quest in which you want to perform various tasks that help Cinderella get to the ball, meet the prince, to avoid unpleasant encounters with her stepmother. Cinderella participate in games with other Disney princesses, but because it often can be found in the company of Snow White, Ariel, Belle. Try all sorts of games with Cinderella in this section of our website.

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