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Once upon a time stories about zombies were the most popular horror films. Today, thanks to the cinema, the man has become more sophisticated and it is not easy to scare the walking dead. The roots of the concept of "zombie" go back to Africa, where he practiced voodoo, witch eulogizing the ability to raise the dead or to deprive the living will, turning them into their obedient slaves. In the mythology of Japan, there are bosc spirits that prey on human flesh. Bosc - people who have died from hunger and is now in its current state can not think about anything except food. In European culture, the image of a zombie for a long time operated fairly active. Mass filling the streets walking corpses from which no place to go and it is impossible to hide, plunged the viewer into horror. With echoes of zombies and the story of a young scientist by the name of Henry Frankenstein, who set out to revive the dead flesh, breathing life into it. He dug up corpses from graves and sewed their different parts, creating the being of the pieces, and then passed through his creation discharge of electrical current to initiate a life. The game was a success in God, and to light a Frankenstein's monster. This story writers was beaten repeatedly, and you're familiar with him on various cinematic products. But if the creature has a certain intelligence, the classic zombie deprived of such privileges. Offering you a zombie game, we tried to select the most interesting subjects. These appalling and bloodthirsty creatures will not stop at nothing, if human scent straight from the tin caruncle. Their brains are a favorite delicacy, apparently because he had long since turned themselves in rotting jelly. They roam the streets, staggering, and sometimes go astray groups to make it easier to drive the prey into a corner. To be in a city filled with living corpses, would not wish anyone. To survive in this apocalyptic world, we should be really cool. Zombie shooter game will arm you to the teeth with all sorts of shooting and blasting weapons. Water the monsters fire and throw grenades into the crowd to destroy their livestock in large numbers. Can not worry and not worry moral principles - zombies do not feel pain, and do not spare anyone. At the time, as your goal is to survive, their goal - eat your brains warm. As you can see, your goals diverge radically, and therefore the rights of someone who was stronger. When these creatures is a lot of food was not enough. Then they will come together in groups and begin to fight among themselves. In the severed hand flying arms, legs, head, eyes, ears, fingers. This is their only whet, and they rush to the attack with renewed vigor. Sometimes, online zombie games offer sports. Except it's more like a blood sport - football these monsters play skulls, and during the races on a motorcycle is not afraid to fall off in the accident, because they are already dead. During clashes with zombies all the time fly off parts of the body, they do not really pay attention. In the amusement park kids meet magicians, jugglers, clowns. But the zombie clowns are not funny, especially when their makeup is made with blood sacrifices. During the game online zombie, you have to war with the bodies that claim the right to live. You'll shoot them with machine guns, bazookas, machine guns. Often have to push trucks, tanks and other equipment. But if you play a puzzle game, where victory is required to solve puzzles, mazes and place to perform many other tasks, you can crush zombies intelligence. And all of this flash game about zombies.

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