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To participate in the races, take care of the thoroughbreds, walking with his pony green meadows - such entertainment readily available in mini-browser games. Games for girls about horses are in the genre odevalok, colorings, in which the gamer can bring to the screen the horse of your dreams, pick up for her chic harness and dress up in a stylish outfit sweet girl-rider. Coloring include black and white drawings of horses: they frolic in the background of wild nature, pressed face to face his beloved mistress, eat fresh oats in the stable. A player can use any color to make these drawings distinctive and vibrant. Computer dress up basically offer to do suit the rider. The game begins with a half-naked guy or girl figures, which you can try on different pieces of clothing from a special menu. Combining trousers, jackets, shirts, shorts, hats, boots and much more, you can try to create the most stylish jockey virtual reality. Games for girls give the horse the opportunity to take care of a virtual racer. A player can only take care of one horse or become the manager of an entire stable. The horse must be well fed, clean, healthy, happy. And because in these games is to give him the hay fresh water, clean fur, redeem, hold physical examination, take a walk with him in the countryside. It is necessary to follow all the vital signs of their horses and not let the health of fullness and joy come down too. Online game about horses offer gamers a variety of ways to have fun with a virtual horse. For example, you can ride the noble steed and go with him for a walk. And it's fun to not end in tears fall, you need time to jump over boulders, holes in the road and other obstacles. Help the horse to take the barriers in games, horse racing, where the title of the fastest horse fighting several applicants. Those who were not so lucky at the races and an injury, you can seek treatment in the hospital games for girls about horses. Here, the player becomes a virtual veterinarian inspects accessing it hoofed patients heal their wounds, prescribe salves gives pills. Games equine care are established and with economics. For example, gamers can become the manager of a noble steed, provide him with a decent stable, van movements, food supply and quality care. A horse will win the race thanks, bringing caring owner large sums of virtual money. Want to have some fun with your own pony or Arabian horses? Try playing with the horses in this section of our website.

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