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Mind games online repeated familiar real board games and the ones that are deployed on the paper sheets or no inventory. Undoubtedly, this section includes chess, checkers, word games: hangman, crosswords, "noodle", the name of the city. Certainly, this may include Battleship and Tic-Tac-Toe. TV show "O Lucky Man! , "" Field of Dreams "," Experts ", is now also present in the virtual world, becoming a computer game. Some time ago, familiar to us were diluted with fun games, mahjong, backgammon, sudoku. It made our diversity and leisure sparked inquisitive minds. Mind games can also be called logical. They should be used wit, knowledge and logic. Even mechanical action, such as Tetris, require specific tactics to stack shapes in the correct sequence. The computer world has expanded the boundaries of entertainment and acquaintances reproduced them in different variations, giving the same game several approaches. Checkers do not have to keep the original form, to be called such. But the diversity attracts a lot more people who are ready to show off your erudition. Chess allow developers to the imagination and they do not miss an opportunity to demonstrate it. Now the board is boring and static figures of the amount purchased, and creative version turned into a real army with prancing horses, undeterred officers solemn king and queen, powerful elephants and infantry-pawns. The look is such chess beautiful, unconventional, but things are moving fast. But there are some mind games online that can be found only in the vast virtual world. Quest objectives by searching for objects, balancing bowls of scales and solving a complex codes, reading the runes and hieroglyphs - a product that can only be found online. Here even the mazes take on new meaning and offer solve additional tasks at the time of passage. Mind games are encouraged to develop, playing a grown-up gamers, and very young players. Provided for each age has its own fun with a set of tasks. And if playing the online version of "Field of Dreams" and "O Lucky Man! "Adult users are able to fully assess the realism of what is happening, kids can test their knowledge in a simplified version, where the design and tasks adapted to their thinking and perception. With Dora and Masha they will solve the examples to learn English, to substitute the missing letters in words. With Tom and Jerry build a trap or bypass them, join lines, run timers, connect piping or wiring. Find similar pictures or differences - is also a lesson for the mind, and therefore, it is relevant to our place. Have to remember a lot of details and their location. Training the powers of observation and memory, you are laying the foundation for further solving abilities of a more complex nature. Stimulate your mind to absorb more information is never too late, but the sooner started than it will become more elastic. Even some card games can be attributed to the intellectual. Poker, whist, Debertz, thousand, whist require calculation, calculation of moves and even let him directories. Mind games online eliminate the need to stay in a certain place and in the company of other players. Now connect to the Internet, you can open any toy.

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